Surfin' USA - THE Beach Boys and Surf Music Tribute Band

Surfin' USA - THE Beach Boys and Surf Music Tribute Band

 Huntington Beach, California, USA

Surfin' USA is dedicated to faithfully re-creating the music of America's Band, The Beach Boys.


The brilliance of The Beach Boys music is in its simplicity, so simple that their music is unforgettable and forever. Simple? So simple, in fact, that it is nearly impossible for another band to accurately reproduce their complex harmonies and timeless melodies. Of the thousands of bands since the Beach Boys, how many have covered their sound with the same impact? It is a challenge to name more than just a few. One evening not too long ago, four professional musicians and vocalists sat around a summer beach campfire listening to those great recordings of The Beach Boys. Led by musician/actor Grant Wilson, they decided then and there to form a group dedicated to faithfully re-creating the music of Americas Band. Not an easy task by any measure but many fun hours of rehearsals later, this group of players and singers broke through. When Chris Farmer, former musical director and 12 year member of The Beach Boys heard the band and immediately asked to join, they knew they had achieved their goal. Hearing is believing! With their white pants, blue striped shirts, and black Beatle boots, Surfin USA faithfully recreates the early look and music of America's Band, The Beach Boys.
Personnel: 5 band
Pricing: $4500 plus air, rooms, internal trans, and production, where applicable.


Surfin' USA

Written By: Chuck Berry/Brian Wilson

If everybody had on an ocean,
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody'd be surfin,'
Like Californ-i-a.
You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies,
Huarachi sandals too.
A bushy, bushy blond hairdo,
Surfin' USA. etc..

Little Deuce Coupe

Written By: Brian Wilson/Roger Christian

Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me down,
But I got the fastest set o' wheels in town.
When somethin' comes up to me, he don't even try,
'cause if I had a set o' wings, man, I know she could fly.
She's my Little Deuce Coupe, you don't know what I got.. etc..

Barbara Ann

Written By: Fred Fassert

Ba-ba-ba, ba-Barbara Ann,
Ba-ba-ba, ba-Barbara Ann.
Oh Barbara Ann, please take my hand,
Barbara Ann.
You got me rockin' and rollin',
rockin' and a-reelin'
Barbara Ann, ba-ba-ba-
Barbara Ann. etc..


Chris Farmer Music - "California Dreamin'" available on itunes

Set List

Surfin’ USA’s live show includes all the great Beach Boys surf, dance, and car songs such as:

Surfin’ USA
Surfer Girl
Surfin’ Safari
Don’t Worry Baby
Catch a Wave
Don’t Back Down
Dance Dance Dance
Do You Wanna Dance
Help Me Rhonda
In My Room
Barbara Ann
Fun Fun Fun
Little Deuce Coupe
Do It Again
Shut Down
I Get Around
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Surf City
Good Vibrations
California Girls
God Only Knows

Plus, upon request, classic rock favorites like:

Ticket To Ride
At the Hop
Great Balls of Fire
Eight Days a Week
All My Lovin’
I Wanna Hold your Hand
She Loves You
Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey
Don’t Let the Sun
Johnny B. Goode
Hang On Sloopy
Rock Around the Clock
Back In The USSR
A Hard Day’s Night
Daydream Believer
Nowhere Man
If I Fell
Please Please Me

And many more..