Full of tight and blistering guitar riffs, hammering bass lines and punchy vocals, Surgeon is, indeed an invigorating, lively blend of classic and modern rock, and yet the players darken the corners considerably sneaking in prog-metal undertones.


"Surgeon makes Kirk Hammet sound like the tooth fairy" - Philly Style Magazine

Strong words about an even stronger sound.

"Interpol meets Black Sabbath" observes Philadelphia's City Paper.

Black Sabbath along with Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, and the Pixies are all recognized as influences in the sound that has been hailed as "visceral, nihilistic beautifully-executed prog metal"* that's all about "intensity and attitude".*

Flame haired beauty Lydia Giordano is the lead guitar shredder and main songwriter in Surgeon - Philadelphia's premier alt-metal band. Her focused stage presence and "absolutely crushing guitar riffs"** reveal the confident genius behind the music.

When Sean Bolton's fervent vocals begin, you're taken to that place where you want to turn it up to 11 and tell your boss to shove it. Sean's dynamic bass lines blend seamlessly into the forceful rhythym guitar and drums that are reminiscent of the weight of AC/DC.

Chris Wilson heightens and intensifies the music with his precise and powerful rhythym guitar. His contagious on-stage energy makes it virtually impossible for the room to be standing still.

Drummer David Latimer's accomplished mastery in the metal scene is the perfect pedestal to drive Surgeon's wall of sound forward. David is one of the few modern drummers that approaches the kit as a sonic musical instrument.

"Surgeon's not afraid to dig for inspiration in mainstream classic and modern rock, and yet the players darken the corners considerably and sneak in prog-metal undertones." ***

Just when you thought the world would turn into a singer-songwriter coffee-fest, Surgeon roars in and reminds us that we'd rather wear leather than flannel any day.

*Philly Style Magazine

** Music Row - Northeast Times

*** Philadelphia Weekly


Surgeon's debut album Angry Guest took them all the way to the windy city of Chicago to record with Steve Albini.

Set List

45 min.