Surgeon Marta

Surgeon Marta

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Post punk, garage soul with a sprinkling of darkwave psychedelia...

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland - Surgeon Marta is a smog filtered, guys and gals guitar gang that leaves audiences bruised, confused and howling for more.



 In the beginning there was war.  2008 saw the conflict escalate as the
chainsaws lay siege to the poptart citadel.  Bloody concepts raged back and forth while
precious resources like volume control, vocal harmonies, memorable melodies and
lyric builders trembled in fear for their lives.

Many victories were declared but none proved decisive till a
truce was brokered in the fall of 2012.  Respect
was a given but could warring ideologies find a path to co-operation that was
mutually beneficial??  Had the battle of
the sexes finally being resolved??

Turns out the answer is yes AND the best is often saved till
last!!  Now as a combat polished duo Surgeon Marta have created their
strongest material to date and want to share it with you and your friends.  So lineup, sign up and blow the wax of your
D/A converters with some brand new SM

Rx, SM


Vivian Raine – Vocals, Cello, Optigan, Beastmaster

Chane O’Reilly – Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Soulwelder

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Race to the Red LP, available digitally @ iTunes, Amazon and Emusic

Ltd edition digipak CD available directly from and all live shows.

”Layla Jade does Hollywood” theme song, available wherever naughty DVD’s are sold or downloaded.

Race to the Red - debut Album
Track List:
Don't Say Sick, (say Evil)
Iggy this is Jesus
Sucking Job
Send More Cops
Race to the Red
Heinrich I Quit
5 Centuries
Dick Parade
Nice Day
Irish Sea

Set List

Customized to set length, venue, time of year, fan requests and current line-up.