"They got this original thing goin' on, its hard to explain" - Dick Tucker (Flying Dog Brewery)


In the beginning, somewhere in a little town in a state of red, three elements began what would become a revolutionary sound. They dwelled, multiplied, evolved, and then divided to become the compound, “Surmen”.
In their wake they left three self-recorded L.P.’s, and an underground foundation designed to launch a new musical form. Followers of this mystic sound come from the simplest as well as the strangest of backgrounds. Some describe an impending epidemic brought on by this mysterious audio element that could forever change the way mankind perceives sound.
By the will of unseen forces the six elements that when combined make the element Surmen are as follows.
Ormus Lepht: A vocal component made of water and moon-rock, known for shape-shifting and conductive properties.
Surgious-Halo: Another vocal ingredient consisting of fire and wind, known to induce random spells of de ja vu and produce spasms of rapid lyrical introspect.
Frog Nap: A base element with shaman and binding qualities, usually explores dim lit areas of the audio wasteland.
Dano: An organic cyborg transitional-acid element, possessing depressant and stimulant properties.
Jeffrey G. Brink: An element named after its creator, it controls the compounds pulsation frequency. Known to have omniscient qualities at times.
Johnny Recs: A bastardized form of another element that most still refuse to believe exists. It runs on the principles of confusion and intrigue.
Placed together on the surface of earth amid a mass of homogenized soup, Surmen’s purpose has become clear: to father new life forms that roam the shattered sound-scapes of the audio realm.


2002- "Engage The Manifesto" (compact disc)
2004-"Surmen of the Deceased" (compact disc)
2006-"Mutants on Display" (compact disc)
2007- "Deus Ex Machina" (compact disc)

Set List

Our Stage presentation can accomodate shows consisting of multiple acts and 45min sets, to holding it down for an evening if needed. Our Show consists of original material from our discography blended with subtle group improvisation that could very well shift into total mesmerizing sonic freedom.