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My music is collaborative in nature. mixing a feel of R&B with Rap. Very informative and grammatically challenging. My music is all about lyrics...without the lyrics my music profits no one.


Follower of Christ thats down with being real. Born and bread Bahamian whos just passionate about music and looking to share it with more than his immediate circle of friends, family and strangers. Simply looking to let his light shine on this earth while schooling in Texas. No gimicks; no jokes; nothing matters but Christ!


Tracks released: "My Story"
"Turn the Truth On"
"I Know"
Also part of two separate singles with another artist:
Tracks released: "Christ 4 Life"
"Holla" - Radio Play

Set List

My Songs (Written and orated by me):
"My Story"
"Turn the Truth On"
"I Know"
My Songs (co-written and orated collaboratively):
"Christ 4 Life"