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My Name is Craig Trevor Adderley II A.K.A Surrenda. I am a 19-year-old Bahamian guy who discovered the realness of having an active and intimate relationship with God two years ago. Now it hasn’t always been like that cause to tell you the truth, life was worth nothing more than sex, drugs, and a little bit of alcohol after my mom left me.
I lost my mother when I was twelve years old to cancer, didn't have that good of a relationship with my dad and definitely didn’t know enough about God to trust him in my present circumstance. I looked for love in all the wrong places, and I sure got a lot of it. I started hanging out with the wrong types of friends who introduced me to drugs and alcohol. Girls who I got involved with sexually had me emotionally unstable and distracted from my family and school. But most of all I lost touch with who I was…I didn’t realize that I was a crafted creation of God and He had a plan for my life.
I mean…gosh…. I grew up in the church. I know the scriptures and had already accepted Christ about ten times as a kid. The difference between the then and now is that…I chose Christ cause he was all I knew, not all I wanted. After getting in trouble for various reasons, I ended up getting kicked out of my first high school. My uncle who was and still is a pastor sat down and prayed for me. He wanted me so badly to accept Christ as my Savior that I did. I sat down in the church office with him and prayed that prayer of salvation, because I knew it was what he and the rest of my family wanted me to do. The sad part about it was that I didn’t want to do it. I was not done with sin…I loved sin. Sin was my life.
So time passed and inevitably I got kicked out of my second high school at the end of my sophomore year. This time it was different. I actually was upset with my own self because of the decisions I had made. I mean I was about to be a junior and soon a senior, and if I ever wanted a great future I would have to change my ways now. Right Now! But it was surely easier said than done.
I tried and tried to change but I couldn’t get over this flesh of mine. I even attended an active youth group on a weekly basis, but still it was little help… I got accepted into my third high school that year. The whole essence of this school with barely over 400 students was like nothing I had ever felt. For the first few weeks I talked to no one, simply sitting and gazing around the field wondering how long I would last. I waited for teachers and friends to judge me, but no one did. No ONE did!
One day however a few friends and I decided to talk about God, and how he has ruined our lives. We had long discussions about how messed up our lives were and how God just isn’t doing anything. Is he real?? …..Well for some reason I knew exactly what Gods response was. I could believe that I knew exactly what God wanted to say to my friends. I knew what to tell them but I didn’t. I didn’t feel good enough, I knew he died for our sins and I believed that anyone who called upon His name would be saved. Yet, I kept my mouth shut because I thought it not helpful coming from someone like me.
I couldn’t hold my emotions in that day and anxiously waited for school to end so I could go home. I was in such a rush to get home cause I could hold the tears in. I fell down and confess my sins…I asked God to change me …for real…so that I can help my friends. I wanted to be transformed like His word promised. I finally realized that it was an internal changed that I needed. A change from the inside out. I asked God to change my life and be my strength...I owe my life to Him and promised Him that I would change this generation and never stop telling my story.