This up-and-coming group has a knack for blending their latin influences with rock and roll and infusing it with a positive message that is resounding with audiences statewide. For the past two years, Surrendered has been playing at churches, schools and concert halls with the best yet to come.


Surrendered is a four piece band with two objectives. First to give praise to the one who saves all, Jesus Christ and second......TOO ROCKK!!!!!!! Based in Santa Rosa, the band started with founding members Eli Contreras, his brother Ben Contreras, and cousin Zeke Ortiz. The band started to grow both spiritually and musically with the recent addition of lead guitarist Nick Weil. The band has preformed in diverse settings from the smallest churches to school campuses to state wide youth camps. They place all of their success on Gods love and mercy shown and know that God must come first. They are content with where they are now but know that there will be a brighter future if they stay faithful to God and their ministry.

Their sound encompasses their own diverse styles. From classic rock guitar riffs to the hip hop and funk bass line to their latin and jazz drum beats, you can tell that each member contributes to the overall sound from their own musical background. Their vocal work can range from RnB to nitty gritty rock. Their preformances are an expeirence all their own, from intimate encounters of God's presence to a full on rock n' roll show with no signs of stopping. Their many hours of practice have culminated in a tight sound that can only be described as almost telepathic.

With a heart full of God and a mind focused on what needs to be accomplished, Surrendered is on a bullet train to being a group that not only writes songs, but are disciples ready to carry on the will of their father. Dont miss a chance to see them live.

Mission Statement:
The mission of Surrendered is to bear witness of Christ and His truth and to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and all of its fullness and power through music and worship so that the rule of God is brought about in the hearts of men and women.

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Where is the Love

Written By: Surrendered

she's all alone, no ones at home, her mom's at work, her dad's long gone. Where is the love?

She looks in the mirror with something to fear, nobody knows she sheds a tear. Where is the love?

What you're looking for is in front of you, just believe in Him he'll see you through.

We all need love in this big world.
Where is the love?
People crying, people dying.
Where is the Love?

He's all alone, there is no one home, he looks and looks there is no hope. Where is the Love?

And so he walks in all his shame, he blames himself for his mistakes. Where is the Love?


Demo-Released 2009

Set List

30 min set:

Letting Go of You
Where is the Love
Keep Moving Forward
Flying On Lead Wings
Father Spirit Jesus
Its All a Lie

In a church/worship setting, we will add in worship songs and will also share testimony.