Surrogate Sons

Surrogate Sons


People who've heard us have compared our sound to that of Deftones, Sevendust, Tool, Korn, and even Alice in Chains. We'd say we just play music that moves us, makes us "rock." With a mix of in your face rock and progressive riffs we make ourselves a formidable force on the stage


The band formed in late 2006, and thus begun the grand quest of naming this collection of misfits. Many many long days and nights were spent in intense thought and recreational activity trying to deciphier what kind of name best fit them and there music. First instinct is to go with something tough and manly sounding like BloodyFist or Axle Rose. The next logical coarse of action would be something off the wall or disgusting such as Smelly Taint. In the end, just describing what they are was the way it was meant to be. Four brothers of different mothers coming together to start there last beginning. WE ARE SURROGATE SONS


Dillusional 2009 EP

Set List

We have enough songs to easily fill 45 minutes to 1 hour. We do covers but not very often and generally just for fun.