We are a hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland. The songs are typically short and fast, but we add some slow and heavy when it seems fit. We've been compared to His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy.


We're influenced from anywhere between His Hero Is Gone, Integrity, Crossed Out to Swans, Earth, and Neurosis. We just try to play hardcore with keeping punk in it as much as possible,while adding slow heavy parts. We started two and a half years ago and have been trying to do as much as we could ever since.


We have three demos out, a 7" on Organized Crime Records called "Monuments in Ruins", and a split 10" with Pellinore called "World Darkness". In early October we are releasing our self titled LP on Organized Crime Records.

Set List

We tend to switch it up every set,but we usually play 15 minutes long. Our songs are:
Crippled By The Gospel
Static Minds
Fist of Pills
Bound by Earth
Harvesting Dirt

We have a lot of songs that aren't named yet that we just recorded for our lp. We have done a few covers in the past (youth of today,black flag,descendents,infest).