Athens, Georgia, USA

"Infectiously arresting from the first note, sursievision is a band that penetrates your ears on a molecular level..." Flagpole Magazine- Nov. 30, 2005


Originating from Athens Georgia, sursievision is a dynamic genre-blending band combining aspects of funk, blue-eyed soul and electronica. Although the band has undergone several line-up changes over the years, the foundation has always remained the same: power duo Star Scott (vocals, composition) and Shannon Sausser (drums, vocals). Following the footsteps of Athens'greats, such as The B-52s and R.E.M., sursievision has been called "Athens' next break-out band" (Rock 100.7, Athens, GA).

Sursievision is gaining notoriety from others as well; they are sponsored by FireFly vodka and recently licensed a track to the cartoon, "Killer Rock From Space." Their 2010 released full length album, "Personal Legend," was mixed by 6 time Grammy nominated, Graham Marsh at CeeLo Green's studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Be on the lookout for the funky new sounds and energy coming from this band on the rise.


aquatic narcotic

Written By: sursie

just breathe
let the water wash over you
you might be stuck in a rut
but just don't give up, be true

just breathe
let the music wash over you
you might be stuck in a rut
but just don't give it up, push on through

glass half empty, glass half full
turning point do what you will
i'm trying to see what you want me to angel, a goddess, my soul to fly free.
and still as i'm trying
i'm failing
i'm lying
i'm growing
i'm flowing
and just so you know...
i'm only as big as you want me to be
cuz part is of beauty and part is ugly
part is unbalanced
part of true essence
part is unknowing
part that's still growing
part that is full of the hope that i sing
and part that's afraid of the love it will bring
a place that is healing
a soul that's still dealing
a woman that's restless
a child that's feeling
love me and carry me out to my home
and lay me to rest in a world of my own.


"Personal Legend" -sursievision's first full length album April 2010
"Shipps" single 2005. Rick Fowler recordings. Athens, Ga
Sursievision- debut EP 2004. Studio Play and Liquid Sound Studio. Athens, Ga
"Pow" single 2002. Studio Play. Athens, Ga

Set List

Sursievision always keeps their set list fresh by performing new and original songs for each show, as well as fun covers for special occasions.

Depending on the gig, sets run anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in length.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the songs that will appear on Sursievision's first album, soon-to-be released:

1. Saussy's Song
2. Aquatic Narcotic
3. Shipps
4. Journey of Light
5. Resistance
6. Let Go
7. Distant Star