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March 25th

Written By: Joseph Bassa

when I found out the news
that you went back to your first love
I thought it wasn't true
after all that you've said he's done

I lost my head again
I thought I'd be climbing out by now
so I laid back in bed
and prayed to god I'd just been dreaming aloud

I saw your picture today
you were next to him, yet again
the image looked so strange
like the past had turned our presence to shame

I felt my stomach sink
I dropped all my strength and my hope
and now I just sit and think
in the places that I'm keeping your ghosts

I remember all your words
about the way he made mistakes
and yes, I'm still alone
what the hell am I supposed to do with all this space?

I'll always have a piece of you
it's one thing I know time can't take
I know you look down on me
making fools of all the angels that I chase