Survay Says!

Survay Says!


Survay Says! is a mix between ska, pop-punk, rock and life in general. We pride ourselves on the high energy of our set and quality of our songs. Using wit and humor, Survay Says! strives to make sure that everyone who listens to our music, from tweens to senior citizen's, will walk away happy.


Survay Says! is what happens when you take a handful of bored kids in a small town in NJ and put them in a small, hot room with instruments. Conceived out of pure boredom, Survay Says! has evolved from a hobby with a bunch of friends to something far bigger than ever imagined. Survay Says! uses energy, humor and fine musicianship to put on the best show around and put out some of the best music you will hear. With influences spanning from punk rock to reggae to classic rock to hip-hop and a million other forms of music, the sound you will get from a Survay Says! record is eclectic and always stimulating. So come to one of our shows, listen to our tunes and have fun!


The Good Answer [EP] - 2008
The Fast Money [EP] - 2009
It's Self Titled [LP] - 2009
TBA [EP] - 2010
TBA [Split EP with From Disaster] - 2010

Set List

Sample set list...

Liquor Store* [made famous by Less Than Jake]
Brining Shitely
Call Security
Can't Get Comfortable
Solve 4 X-Pelled
Side of the Bridge
My Dream

Set list is somewhere between 30-40 minutes. We have many other songs to play. But recently, that is what we've gone with.