Survey Says Game Show

Survey Says Game Show


Survey Says is the "feud" style game show that is all about YOUR Campus. Surveys used in the show are taken on your campus -or you can use our fun, already created, college specific surveys. Full stage set, sound and lights and amazing hosts are provided at every show, as well as a $300 prize pkg.


Survey Says was the first game show produced by Game Shows To Go and is one of the most popular shows on the road today. It will become the standard by which you judge all other mobile game shows once you've had Survey Says on your campus.

Host Gus Davis, though very young (26) has more than 15 years of performance experience and this maturity shows in every show he hosts. He always has his finger on the pulse of the audience and knows just what they need and when.


Game Shows To Go is a company specializing is high production game shows with all of the "little touches" that make game shows so much fun.

You can USE ANY PRODUCTION to get coop pricing - so if you're interested in "5th Grader" and we're in the area performing BONK - don't worry - we can get you coop pricing!

Other Game Shows produced by Game Shows To Go are:
BONK - A really funny game show
Survey Says - a feud style game show
Beat the Banker - a deal or no deal tribute game
Brain Cell - the game show for the TXT GNR8TION (everyone plays using their cell phones!)

Set List

Game Shows To Go focuses on making sure that everyone has a great time and there are about 30+ people who will have the chance to play Survey Says, as well as prizes for the "most enthusiastic audience member" and lots of "toss out" prizes.