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Survive Institute

Allendale, Michigan, United States

Allendale, Michigan, United States
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The best kept secret in music


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Is On the Other Side of FEAR!

False Events Appearing Real: FEAR is a war in your mind … why are you choosing to lose? How would you feel, what would you do, where would you go and who would you confront – if you were armed with emotional control, winning confidence and ONE survival tactic (…just incase)? How great would you feel if you could laugh and let go of self-limiting, negative thoughts rooted in assumed weakness, learned helplessness, fear of darkness, endless guilt and nagging worry? Did you know—fear is a prison cell with no lock on it? YES! You can walk out—anytime—and get what you want!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Immediately apply three specific, proven effective responses for emotional control and peak performance needed to survive any fearful crisis, especially crime
2. Quickly predict and stop escalating behavior of unstable people, interrupting their goals and methods of mental and physical control of you.
3. If desperate, rapidly assess your legal right to deliver ONE physical strike, guaranteed to save your life, even if your attacker is armed

Debbie Gardner, Courage Coach and Founder of the Survive Institute, learned emotional control and courage—from personal, life-threatening failure. As one of the first policewomen in the U.S. assigned to patrol duty, alone, her effectiveness and survival depended on dramatic, changed thinking. Armed with unconventional guidance from her trusted cop/husband, she re-programmed her MIND to become her best friend instead of her worst (secret) enemy. Her life’s crusade is stopping the emotional destruction and literal sickness created by fear-based, traditional safety non-sense that destroys dreams. She’s written books, created DVD’s and traveled the world creating a self-defense revolution that provokes safety traditionalists to update their worn out rhetoric. Believing “Less is more—when less is right” she’ll teach you amazing survival skills rooted in “L”ove and “L”aughter—that will literally set you free to courageously face reasonable risk—in order to get what you want!