“Surviving and Thriving in an Addictive Society” - Anna David
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“Surviving and Thriving in an Addictive Society” - Anna David

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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The best kept secret in music


“I love this book! Party Girl is a smart, hilarious and sometimes poignant page-turner that takes you past the velvet ropes and into the rabbit hole of the Hollywood party scene. Anna addresses addiction, recovery and modern love in such a funny, honest, caustic and no-holds-barred way, you feel like you’ve lived it (and in the case of Anna’s delightfully flawed and redeemed heroine) survived it.”
– Cindy Chupack, author of The
Between Boyfriends Book and a writer/executive producer of Sex and the City

"David manages to eloquently and humorously unveil what could be a new subgenre: Chick Lit with a Message...full of humor and heart...this realistic element of struggle -- for sobriety, self-awareness and compassion -- makes this former party girl not just likable, but believable."
--The New York Post

"One of America's most popular novelists."
-- Page Six

"Perky, ambitious, attractive...The perception shared by most people David comes into contact with is that she's utterly and absolutely fabulous."
--Vegas Magazine

“Media is a twitter with stories of celebrity party girls and yet not a soul seems to understand what the lives of these young women are truly like. Well, here it is. Anna David has provided us with the real deal. A roller coaster read that transports us in to the world of the Party Girl. Once emblematic for feminine machismo and independence, the party girl of today is in fact a human being with an illness. At once uproarious and poignant, Anna David’s portrayal of the experience of addiction and nuances of recovery is the most accurate I have come across.”
– Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction expert, host of Loveline, star of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

“Imagine Bridget Jones with a by-line, bigger IQ, and substance abuse issues, and you’ve entered Party Girl territory. Anna David writes with a strain of relentless, self-deprecating genius that re-casts the worn-down hooves of Prada-wearing demons with spanking new kicks….Party Girl is the kind of book it’s impossible to read without stopping to repeat great lines to total strangers, who will then try and follow you home. The writing is at once laugh-out loud hysterical and Capote elegant…. Every generation deserves an epic worthy of its own glam self-destruction and redemption. This time, Party Girl earns the crown. It’s a fantastic, beautifully written, and authentic slice of a life that looked shiny on the outside. By the end, the reader is just praying Ms. David will get back in her chair and write After-Party.”
– Jerry Stahl, bestselling author of Permanent Midnight and I, Fatty
- Various


Still working on that hot first release.



Addiction may be constantly in the news -- and recovery from it is documented on a series of television shows -- but very little about how to really cope with and get over these issues is really known. Writer and television personality Anna David takes the information she's gleaned from articles and books she's written about the topic -- but primarily from her own personal experience as an addict who's been sober nearly a decade -- and breaks alcoholism, addiction and recovery into simple and relatable concepts. SURVIVING AND THRIVING IN AN ADDICTIVE SOCIETY will appeal to those suffering with full-blown or burgeoning addictions, those in romantic or family relationships with addicts, or anyone who wants to learn how to better cope with a society that's always gunning for more, more, more. The program she's developed is designed to help college students catch their burgeoning addictions before they truly take hold as well as give general life lessons on how to cope in a society that in many ways sets its members up to think addictively.

An addict who's been sober for over nine years, Anna David has used her writing and television career to help spread awareness about alcoholism and drug addiction. Dr. Drew Pinsky declared her first novel, Party Girl (HarperCollins, 2007), "the most accurate portrayal of the experience of addiction and nuances of recovery I've come across." Her second novel, Bought (HarperCollins, 2009) -- a fictionalized version of an investigative feature she penned for Details magazine on high-class prostitution in Hollywood -- explored how chemical dependency fuels the lifestyles of those who sell their bodies to get what they think they want.

Anna was the first journalist to bust the myth that crystal meth was just for truckers and gay men when she wrote about the studio executives who used it with abandon in a 2004 issue of Details (causing Liz Smith to note that she was "carving out a niche uncovering the seedy side of deluxe living"). She's also explored prescription pill addiction for Razor magazine and analyzed the part alcohol plays in dating for sites like msn.com and wetv.com.

A regular TV guest, Anna has discussed addiction on The Today Show, CNN's Showbiz Tonight, and a variety of Fox News programs, including Hannity & Colmes, Red Eye, The Live Desk, and The Big Story. She's spoken to many audiences about her own experiences with drugs, alcohol and recovery, prompting praise for her "delivery, language, presentation, optimism, transcendence, positive energy, and youthful candor."

Attack of the Show/G4 Network, 2005-2009 (dating expert)
The Today Show
CNN's Showbiz Tonight
CBS Morning Show
Fox News' Red Eye
The Big Story, The Live Desk
Fox & Friends
Ask Dr. Manny Show and The Strategy Room

Party Girl (2007) Harper Collins
Bought (2009) Harper Collins
Reality Matters (2010) Harper Collins
What I Say I Want (2011) Harper Collins

The New York Times
The L.A. Times
Vanity Fair
Teen Vogue
Us Weekly
The New York Post
L.A. Confidential
TV Guide
Women's Health

I Love Your Work, 2003 movie starring Christina Ricci and Vince Vaughn

Axe Body Spray, Date.com, 2005-2009
Date.com 2005

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