Surviving Day

Surviving Day

 La Vergne, Tennessee, USA

We play Heavy Metal. Lyrically I use alot of biblical and government or military refrences. Its headbanging, get into a fight kind of music.


Our influences are bands like Slipknot, avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, and Papa Roach,ect.
We want to give the people a big show and some awsome music. We started in mid 2011 and we're pretty young as people and musicians. We push eachother to be the best and find ways to improve ourselves and our music all the time. You can find out whats happening mainly by our facebook page >


We have not been able to record in a studio yet so any music we have out is recorded on and ipod or phone. Jake Yandle writes guitar, bass,and vocals and Brandon Cooper writes drums.

Hallow's Eve
And Death Will Rise
Die by the Sword
Black Rose