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susan green

 Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

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Don't Wake Me

Written By: Susan Green

Don't Wake Me
        Written By Susan Green
Verse 1:
Don't wake me I don't want my dreams to end Visions of you keep me in my life of pretend The dreams of you keeps me seeing you face Each night I'm with you in that lovely place
Can't wait till I sleep Days seem to last forever Can't wait to close my eyes That's when I know we'll be together Please let my nights last forever My dreams of you keep our love together
Morning comes and so I must wake
Can't figure out what is real or fake
I lay my head on my pillow each night
I close my eyes and my dreams take flight
repeat chorus 
3 or Bridge:
So please don't wake me in the morning
Let me hold on to my fantasy
I'd rather give up on my reality
just to have you here next to me
repeat chorus


Written By: Susan Green

By: Susan Green
November 30, 2010

1) Looking out my window, breaks my heart at what I see
A sad and lonely face, it's a reflection of me
Trying to make sense of the last time we spoke
Thinking to myself was it real or a bad joke


I would have done anything for you, where did I go wrong
I would have done anything for you, what clue didn't I see
I would have done anything for you, nothing else seemed to matter
I would have done anything for you, now my world has completely shattered

2) Rehashing all your words, saying we are through
I sit here broken hearted, only thinking of you
You've found another lover, who is taking my place
You've found another person, who will feel your embrace


3) As I sit here lonely hearted, wondering where did I go wrong
The music comes on the radio and plays our favorite song.
A song of love and passion of what was ours to share
Now a song of loneliness and feelings of despair.

4) I see you in my dreams my thoughts go straight to you
The anger the hurt the feelings now knowing we are through
Wasted days, wasted nights keeping our love strong
Believing lying in your arms is where I belonged

This window shows an awful story and an awful truth
It shows a reflection of my face and of my lost youth
As I sit here staring, staring back at me
I see this sad and lonely face just longing to be......with you!