Susan Herndon

Susan Herndon

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Elegant & engaging storyteller. Impressive w/ band, lyrical & narrative strengths highlighted when just voice & guitar. Folk, w/ visit of country & blues & red dirt jazz reggae.


Said to be "something of a trailblazer, unfettered by labels or boundaries," Susan Herndon simply considers herself an existentialist drawing from life experience and observation in order to write. Her last album, 1,000 Pies, "contains tunes ranging from sweet acoustic ballads to straight up country, rock and roll, and even a little red dirt jazz-- skipping with ease between genres and showing hints of her inner bohemian." Her latest album, All Fall Down, produced by Lloyd Maines is a collection of songs that includes country, pop, blues, rock, reggae, bluegrass, jug-band, a ballad, a poetry-ramble, and a French song. (With always a French song thrown-in, car elle parle un petit peu de francais aussi...!) The unifying thread being, "quite simply, she has one of the sweetest and most comforting female voices... of course it doesn't hurt that she's also a gifted songwriter."

Born in St. Louis, but completely Okie bred-- that is, until moving to France, Susan began performing there, busking in the streets, then playing regularly with a group of fellow-vagabonds in Auvergne, in Provence, and in the Dordogne and then on into Greece. These past several years have also seen her gigging relentlessly from Okemnukov, Ukraine to Okemah, Oklahoma, and playing and touring regularly in venues from Tennessee and Arkansas to Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas and into New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Florida and out to California, Oregon, and Washington State.

Her album credits are a who's who of some of Oklahoma's best musicians, and her latest album, of Austin's most outstanding. But Susan Herndon is best experienced live-- and she loves a live show, maintaining a commitment to the fun, camaraderie, and love through the mystery and beauty and power of song-- playing solo, or just as often, surrounding herself with a band of great and unique musicians.

"You can call her music singer-songwriter music, Red Dirt music, folk music. Just about the only thing you can't call it is easy listening... she has both a facility for lyrics that mean something, and remains fiercly independent." Whatever the descriptions or comparisons, "Herndon might be described as eclectic or versatile, but never predictable-- and always entertaining."


Everything to Me

Written By: s. herndon/j. hadley

The light is fading from the sky
The sun goes down behind the trees
Another day has come and gone
And you're still everything to me

*Time goes by
The world turns round
Ashes, ashes
All fall down
Life goes on
And i believe
You'll still be
Everything to me

There's one thing goes on and on
When nothing's like it used to be
And everything we know is gone
You're still everything to me


Lay Me Down

Written By: s. herndon

I have made some big mistakes
And i find what follows
Is everything we do and say
Rings true or just sounds hollow
Some things I cannot resist
So i'm cleaning up my mess
But every mill has need for grist
Then must give up the excess

*Lay me down, fill me up, cover me over
With red dirt and blue grass

I may not always live up
To what is my potential
But as i see things come and pass
We're left with what's essential

Turn me underneath the prairie
When i'm dead and dust and ash
I pray to leave you what will carry
To the one sweet light that lasts

*Lay me down, fill me up, cover me over
With red dirt and blue grass

^There're a few things that i love
And there are things that i just like
Some things hit you from Above
And some creep up and bite you

There is reggae, rock & roll
There is jazz and jive
There is music that's got soul
And some that gives me hives

It takes good time for me to know
And I don't learn very fast
Where this all will lead and grow
But one thing's sure to pass...

*Lay me down, fill me up, cover me over...
Lay me down, fill me up, cover me over
With red dirt and blue grass


All Fall Down (album 2010)
1,000 PIES (album, 2007)
PECCADILLOS (2-disc album, 2005)
IN THE ATTIC (album, 2003)
QUIET CAVE (album, 2000)

Set List

3 sets of all original tunes

Songs like: Seven Sisters, Eden, Oklahoma Waters, the Aeronautics of Hovering, Legion, Piracy, Arkansas Tom, Cremation Papers, Red Dirt Blues, World Class Wallower, Highway 33 (Home) Ransom, L'invitation au Voyage, Mr. Bed, Flowers Over Paris, Sleep with My Guitar, There is No End to My Love for YOU

you want covers?

tunes by bob dylan, john prine, the band, leonard cohen, kevin welch, jackson browne, bob childers, taj mahal, woody guthrie, van morrison, gram parsons, jimi hendrix, rickie lee jones