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Susan House

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Ah...relax into the moment and listen to the vocals of Susan House. Why? "Her sultry yet vulnerable voice crackles with new-found energy and charm, one of those airy pop instruments with richly-jeweled jazz undertones. She soothes the soul and makes you want to believe in enchantment..magnificant!"


A passion for singing, an open heart, and a sense of adventure are some of the characteristics that define Susan House’s life so far. Her love for music and performing is a thread that’s been inextricably woven into her heart and soul since her childhood in Cottage Grove, Oregon, where both of Susan’s parents played the piano and encouraged music as recreation. Harmonizing with her mother and sisters, Betsy and Paige, was a frequent activity, and Susan taught herself to play the guitar at the age of fourteen. Although there were periods of her life when performing was more of an avocation than a full time pursuit (Susan House became a psychiatric nurse when she got married), for Susan, the significance of performing continued to deepen with time.

Whether Susan House has created opportunities, or has just been clever enough to capture them in a capricious business, she has pursued every chance to get in front of a microphone since her teens. While still in college she joined a jazz band with her brother and a cousin called the Hugo Eckener Septet, named for a German who ran rescue missions for Jews in Nazi Germany. Susan sang in the band, played guitar, percussion and harmonica, and also marketed the group. The septet implemented a precocious and successful idea to finance a recording through a pre-sale among their peers. The product of that plan, a CD titled Eckener’s Landing, features “Love,” an original song by Susan House. The band broke up after a few years, and Susan left school and started traveling, spontaneously moving based on where her next singing job might be, playing her guitar in coffee houses, etc. Her travels led her from coast to coast, and to Hawaii, where she lived in a jungle hut for a while after her gig ended. Eventually she hung up her grass skirt and returned to the Northwest, settled in Seattle, and immediately got into another band. When she and her boyfriend Tim made plans to marry, she decided to return to school for a nursing degree. She became a psychiatric nurse, part time singer, and mother to children Quinelle and Keaton.

In 1989, thanks to a piece of junk mail advertising, Susan House discovered and nurtured a talent and passion for acting which equals her passion for singing. A post card that arrived in her mailbox advertised a contest, and the prize offered a role in a movie. “That post card was a little gift from heaven,” Susan blithely recalls. Most people would have tossed it out, but to Susan House, who welcomes the unexpected, the card foretold an adventure. Susan entered the contest, and was smitten by the craft of acting. In the process she developed her talent by attending many professional acting classes throughout the U.S. She signed with an agent, and started landing professional jobs. Today, with roles in film and television, as well as
42 regional and national commercials to her credit, Susan has an active career. She is a member of SAG and AFTRA. and is AEA eligible.

In 2001, a physical injury led Susan to Yogi master Michael Gladych, age 95. He encouraged her to use visualization in her healing process, and the empowerment Susan gained opened up a new direction in her life. Having built a solid reputation as a singer in her adopted home of Seattle, Susan House decided to focus full time on the art and business of performing. One happy result of that effort is the recent release of her first full length CD, MISBEHAVIN’ HEART, on her newly formed record label SISU HEART. Radio DJ’s and listeners rewarded her singles, “Angel Eyes” and “Lazy Afternoon” with airplay across the country, and with inclusion on such prestigious charts as Friday Morning Quarterback and New Music Weekly. Recorded in Seattle with pianist Randy Halberstadt leading a jazz quintet, each track is imbued with the tenderness of memory, or the excitement of anticipation. The titles and the performances on MISBEHAVIN’ HEART reflect the joy, versatility and generosity of Ms. House herself. Susan had already grown fond of the recording process through her work on the 2001 release of “The Promise,” a song she recorded with Phil Seagran in tribute to New York City’s police and firefighters in the wake of September 11th. Although that experience was understandably bittersweet, she felt at home in the recording studio, and that is very much in evidence on the relaxed and swinging Misbehavin’ Heart.

With MISBEHAVIN’ HEART completed, and with the blessing of her husband and children, Susan traveled to Los Angeles on an extended fact-finding mission. On the advice of a publicist she had hired, Susan explored the idea of setting up her own record label. Then one evening, in one of those serendipitous moments that Susan attracts like lightning, she read an article in O Magazine that talked about the Finnish concept of sisu: it stands for the philosophy that what must be done will be done, regardless of what it takes, an almost magical quality, a combination of strength, perseverance,


Santa's Perfect Gift

Written By: Susan House

What should I buy Santa for Christmas?
I want to know what he'd like
I'd ask him myself, or one of his elves
But they're workin' all day and all night
What could I buy Santa for Christmas?
It's time I thought about this
He gives to everyone eles, instead of himself
So I'll find him a special gift
And this Christmas season, I've got a good reason
To change my list to Saint Nick
It won't be for me and everybody will see
How to find Santa his perfect gift
What should I buy Santa for Christmas?
He's so hard to buy for
New bells for his sleigh or give his reindeer new hay?
It just seems he deserves alot more
So what could I buy Santa for Christmas?
I won't buy him a thing
I'll give him love from my heart, and that's a good start
And Oh! What fun it will be!
And this Christmas season, I've got a good reason
To change my list to Saint Nick
It's not about me or gifts under the tree...
Can't wait to give Santa...his!

The Light of Christmas

Written By: Susan House

The Light Of Christmas

The season is here, a time of good cheer
The magic we need to believe in
A chance to start new, with those close to you
To reach out and spend time together
It’s Christmas time again, a time for family and friends
Let’s Light the candles, and begin to share
Giving thanks to you
Snowflakes unique, falling on the street
Lulling everyone into their dreams
I peek out the window, the lamp lights the way
I can almost touch the quiet, the land in snowsuit lay
It’s Christmas time again, a time for family and friends
Let’s light the candles and begin to share
Giving thanks to you
It’s the laughter and the singing, a joy that we are bringing
A time to give back what’s been given
A smile on his face, memories we have traced
The love that we share between us
It’s Christmas time again, a time for family and friends
Let’s light the candles and begin to share
Giving thanks to you

Christmas Time

Written By: Susan House

Christmas Time

Christmas time, decorate the tree and let it shine
Cook the turkey and let us dine,
And have a good time!
Mistletoe, give em’ kisses and see them glow
Look out the kitchen and see the snow,
Get the sled and let’s go!
Cause Christmas…is more than…the stress and running all around
It’s a time to find the gift of love that is divine
Salvation army strand, drop a couple coins if you can
See a need and give a helping hand
United we stand!
Christmas day, carolers singing Jesus born today
Aunt Adoray’s is saying let us pray
And in faith I say
Christmas…is more than…the stress and running all around
It’s a time to find the gift of love that is divine
Through all time…now!


Misbehavin' Heart- A CD of jazz standards released in 2003. This CD had national distribution with A'n'D out of Houston, Texas.
The Light of Christmas and Santa's Perfect Gift. Both original singles produced 2004 and 2005. Both were promoted by Larry Weir (LA) and Len Triola (NY) and had national airplay. Gifts of the Season, the most recent Christmas CD, consists of traditional Christmas carols and three original Christmas songs. This CD is currently being distributed by Mondo Distribution CO>in the Philippines in Music One stores.