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You Give Me Butterflies

Written By: Wyatt, May, Hannan

You Give Me Butterflies
©1998 Wyatt, May, Hannan

Verse 1
Ice Cream melting on my tongue
Jumping in puddles just for fun
Letting go of the handle bars
Staying up late to count the stars
Like a child swinging high
Like a rollercoaster ride
I feel my heart beat deep inside
You give me butterflies

Butterflies I feel it deep inside
Butterflies There’s nothing I can hide
You know when it’s right
Some things are meant for life
You give me butterflies

Verse 2
Champagne bubbles on my tongue
Kissing in the rain just for fun
Staying out all night long
Dancing to our favorite song
Even after all this time
When you put your hand in mine
I feel a tingle down my spine
You give me butterflies


And I know that some sweet day when we are old and gray
We’ll spread our butterfly wings and together we will fly away


It's Alright, It's Okay

Written By: Susan Kay Wyatt

It’s alright, It’s Okay
©2001 Susan Kay Wyatt

Verse 1
Sunday morning snuggled up in bed
Pull the covers over my head
Smell the coffee Hear it drippin down
I revel in the de- li- cious sound

It’s alright It’s Okay
There’s nothing I really need to do today
I’m feeling pure joy like a child at play
I can feel spirit flying away

Verse 2
Kick off my shoes feel my feet on the ground
Drinkin’ in sunshine and knockin’ around
The leaves in the trees are kissing the sky
The sun is peaking through as the clouds float by


Verse 3
A hummingbird stops to say hello
And thank me for the flowers I grow
He sits a minute which for him is a while
Then flies away with a teeny smile


And it’s alright
You’ve got to stop to see the light
And it’s Okay
Go out and play