Susan Latimer

Susan Latimer


Rich melodies, compelling rhythms, poetic and catchy lyrics


Susan Latimer Bio

Folk magazine Sing Out! says Susan Latimer is “original” and “impassioned,” while Front Cover calls her “irresistibly engaging and utterly enthralling.” However one describes Latimer, this Canadian songwriter is making a habit of drawing attention to her arresting folk-blues compositions and her inspiring performances. When it comes to songwriting, “her craft captures everything music misses today: depth of thought, truth, and endless imagery.” (Dan Welsh, Hands On Music Company)

Latimer grew up in a musical family just outside of Toronto and first picked up a guitar as a teenager after an uncle showed her how to strum a few chords on a mandolin. She was soon performing music as diverse as classical, folk, jazz, blues and rock. Since then she has become a regular on the Canadian club and festival circuit, and has opened for Ian Tyson and blues legend Paul James, among others.

No matter the style, Latimer’s music offers an honesty and openness that connects with listeners. That immediacy is complimented by artful guitar playing, wry and witty songwriting and a wonderfully emotive voice.

“Grey Matters”, her 2003 solo recording, received worldwide radio airplay and raves. Reviewers called the acoustic folk and blues album “remarkable,” “stunning” and “transforming” with “songwriting [that] seems effortless.”

Susan has just completed another CD “She Don’t Mean No Evil” with a four-piece band (Mike Tabares on guitar, Huck Balson on standup bass and Dan Reiff on drums) that is getting rave reviews from listeners.

What People are saying about Susan Latimer:

• Her gritty, bluesy songs walk the line between light and dark, wrapped up with a wry wit.”... Mundy’s Bay Folk Society

• “When you blend music and honesty, melody with magic... Susan Latimer comes to mind”... Dan Welsh, Hands On Music Company

• “Susan's guitar playing is superlative and her voice combines a bourbon-and-sandpaper rasp with the smoothness of brushed velvet. What stands above everything is the quality of the songs. Each track is reminiscent of some classic genre, moving smoothly from jazz to folk to bluegrass to blues while maintaining an impeccable quality of songwriting that leaves the listener transformed. The overall experience is stunning.”.... Tk Band The Stivs


Grey Matters

Written By: Susan Latimer

Grey Matters

You make yourself dizzy trying to stay out of trouble
Like you’ve gotta stay busy to keep your hands clean.
Your world is as smooth and as hollow as a bubble.
You waste no time thinking about what it might mean.

You keep your nose pressed; you keep your head low.
You wanna say “Yes” but you say, “No, I won’t.
Best I don’t.”

You’ve really gotta overlook a few key elements.
Keep your head down, hold your ground, staring at the floor.
It’s a little like trying not to think about an elephant,
When you’ve got one breaking down your door.
One time is an accident.
Two times, bad elephant.

Oh my brother, don’t you try that stuff on me.
You’re too easy to read, it’s really something to see
The way you cling to the perception
That you come by your deception honestly.

All you really want is a little bit of gratitude.
‘Cause you made a space in a place on your shelf.
Sometimes, I know I’ve got a little bit of attitude
Well sometimes, you’ve got some yourself.

But according to that rule I hate
You can only throw stones if you’ve got a clean slate
And I don’t
So, I guess I won’t.

One time… just to think about.
Two times… to keep score.
Three times… I wanna sing it out.
Four times… but no more.

Hound Dog Hannah

Written By: Susan Latimer

Hound Dog Hannah

Every time you try to break away, you meet with resistance
And you spend another thousand days justifying your existence.
You’d better go find your soul now; it’s somewhere in the distance
Needing your assistance and nowhere near a phone.

What’d you get into? Looks like you had a little run-in.
I hope you got at least one in, right before you got done in.
It seems insignificant but the effect is stunning.
You know, you can’t keep running; you can’t go home.

You’re gonna need a friend, maybe some day when
You find the road that’s leading where you need to go.
And I’ll be waiting, celebrating
Don’t you know?

You’re still looking at faces you never much liked facing.
Still stuck in places you never had no place in.
Some imaginary rabbit that they started you chasing
And you’ll keep on racing ‘til you figure it out.

You don’t want to cope with the scope of the plunder
But it gets more frightening with every rock you crawl under
‘Cause you can’t see the lightning, oh but you sure hear the thunder
It’s enough to make you wonder if you’ll ever get out.

Maybe some day then, you’re gonna need a friend
You’re as beautiful as anything I’ve ever known.
And I won’t leave you unless you need me to
Don’t you know?


Grey Matters - 2003
Susan Latimer & The Issues - 2005
She Don't Mean No Evil- 2008