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Susan Laurenzi

El Cajon, California, United States | INDIE

El Cajon, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"CD Release Party Review ~ Feb '09"

CD Release Party Review by Mary Mallory

Full of heart, rich in rhythm, Susan Laurenzi’s songs defy generalization but span folk, rock, and jazzy beats. They get their groove on with syncopated beats, catchy rhythms and energetic stylings.

“Rich in the Soul,” her new CD, is
that and more. Laurenzi projects raw emotion and tough passion in her singing. Intense yet vulnerable at the same time, she reveals the depths of her soul in performing.

Her voice and sound are strong, focused, pin-point on roiling emotion and dark places. Her songs reflect that need, revealing the hurting woman searching for love, obsessing over lovers, but through with game-playing, manipulative partners.

The title track, “Rich in the Soul,” features island rhythms - Congos, syncopation - that grabs attention with its hypnotic beat. “The Game,” offbeat and off guard, starts gently but drives to a strong conclusion. A tough, forceful song, “Betrayed” reveals her reeling and dazed, hurt but moving on. “Such a Love” begins as confession, remembering
sweet times with hesitation and pause. “Do You Mind,” one of the toughest tracks on the CD, demands respect and action from her partner, taking no prisoners in getting her needs met.

Laurenzi’s songs are simply adorned, featuring strong guitar work by her and excellent, understated work by her band. They possess a dynamic vibe that blends stillness with power. They bring melancholic atmosphere and counterpoint to the melodies. Strong yet proudly vulnerable, Laurenzi reveals deep personal feeling in an honest, straight way.

For more information, visit - Tolucan Times

"New Music Review ~ "The Promise" on"

Posted - Sunday, February 08, 2009

New Music February 2009

Susan Laurenzi - "Rich In The Soul" (2009)

Close your eyes. Think back to a time when music was created because it had to be created. We needed it, but not as much as the creator needed to create it.

It was the early to mid 70's and among the many styles of music out
there was a jazzy, soul like, acoustic stew that felt... like home.

Susan Laurenzi's long awaited (I've been playing pre-releases of this CD for years now) first CD "Rich In The Soul" captures this era without feeling retro. With a clean and open production style, this is one of the finest independent recordings I have heard in some time.

As you listen to this CD, you will feel like you are in a club and Susan and her band are just a few feet away. With a voice in the lower registers, you may be tempted to compare her to Joan Armatrading or Tracy Chapman, but don't. She is a unique talent that has spent years on a vision that is soft, beautiful and exciting.

The songs are about life and
relationships and the lyrics blend wonderfully into the music. I will be listening to this CD a lot this year.

You should be listening to it too. You can purchase her CD at her website: CD Baby, Amazon or iTunes - Bruce Greenberg

"CD Review & Reader Comments ~"

CD Review ~ by Kim Wilson

You probably haven't heard of Susan Laurenzi before but that's not
surprising since this is her first CD. I don't usually use this blog to review
or promote new music, however, this album is a breath of fresh air
among the morass of digitized, heavily compressed, overly produced, and lyrically insignificant tunes that is the staple of today's music industry.

And I admit it's a shameless plug because Susan is a close, personal
friend and I have watched what she has gone through the last several
years in an effort to deliver this baby. Indie artists need a lot more than good songs and talent, they have to have serious perseverance and sacrifice, especially of the monetary kind.

"Rich in the Soul" is comprised of 11 well-crafted songs with lyrics that are identifiable to all of us, as they weave through the human experience of love, yearning, desire, betrayal, and just trying to figure out how to be a good person in this crazy and complicated world.

Susan's vision from the beginning was to record the songs as if it were
live, so when you listen to the album you feel like you could be sitting in a small club listening to her perform right in front of you. In this, the album is a stellar achievement. It's a relaxing journey and a pleasure to just listen to songs without a full-on production that is more about the producer and less about the songwriter.

I know how Susan struggled to
get the song track just right, and like albums of the 70's, this CD has a
definite arch that naturally flows from the opening bongo rhythm to the final strains of the string section as it fades into the ether. When arranging these songs, she considered the space between the notes just as relevant as the actual notes themselves. There are some very simple and tasty backing tracks from the guitar, keys and violin, which she effectively uses to help tell her story.

She effortlessy floats between
folk, rock, blues, a little R&B, and a smidgen of pop. She's a fresh voice
that can not be compartmentalized and easily categorized.

At the top of my entry, I have a link to Susan's website ( She has the entire album available for download, payable via Paypal. She even has the songs available for streaming so you can hear a good portion of each track before buying. I highly encourage you to order the CD from her site.
It's only $12 and, of course, the tracks are lossless. You can always rip them on your own. On the site, the streams and downloaded tracks are 128kps. The entire album is currently available on iTunes in the DRM-free format (256 kbps AAC encoding).

If you live in Los Angeles, come out to Molly Malone's at 575 Fairfax on
Thursday, February 19 for the CD Release Party. Susan will be performing the entire album live, in the way it was intended, from beginning to end. Be there by 7:30 for the best ticket in town since it's free admission.

Reader Comments:

Posted Fri Feb27, 2009, 8:29 AM — By Peter S.

I just ordered this yesterday. I am looking forward to the lossless
sound. I am sick and tired of the overly compressed crap the music
industry tries to ram down our throats. I am hoping this is as good as you say

Posted Wed Mar 4, 2009, 2:36 PM —By Peter S

Received this Monday and I have to say it is every bit as good as you
described. The recording is phenomenal and will now be my reference disc for showing off my stereo and for anyone who tells me their MP3's sound just as good as a CD. And as you stated Susan cannot be categorized, it is really a stunning CD and I am looking forward to more from Susan -

"New Music Review ~ Music Connection Magazine"

New Music Review by Mark Nardone

A seasoned singer and songwriter, Susan Laurenzi's husky vocal tones imbue her heartfelt, boho/folk/jazz tunes ("Rich in the Soul", "Waitin' for Some More" and "Do You Mind") with an uncommon sincerity and artistic vigor. - Music Connection Magazine

"Club Review ~ Music Connection Magazine"

Club Review by Oscar Jordan

Susan Laurenzi performs at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood, CA

Susan Laurenzi bares her acoustic soul in a mesmerizing way.
Her tough yet passionately heartfelt songs of joy and sorrow
are served on a silver platter of conviction, top-notch musicianship,
and professional stage presence. With an undeniable Joan Armatrading
meets Ani DiFranco influence; Laurenzi makes you forget those artists
and seduces you into her magnetic, groovin’ universe.

This vibe-heavy trio provides the perfect blend of sonic thickness
and space. Their forte is the hypnotic groove with dynamics galore,
supplying a sultry waterbed for Laurenzi’s melodies and lyrics.
Drummer Adam Gust keeps it polyrhythmic but simple, finding perfect
moments of creative flash without stealing focus. Violinist Sharon Benson
adds spice to this mix, with ethereal melodic lines and somber counterpoints
with an evocative, sensual quality. Susan Laurenzi’s guitar playing
is rock-steady and melodically satisfying. Hip chord inversions
and natural grooves support pitch perfect vocals and fiery lyrics.

From the moment she took the stage, Susan Laurenzi pulled her fans close
for a warm embrace. The heavy subject matter of a few of her songs
was cleverly offset by humorous stage banter, funny anecdotes,
and a very likeable stage persona. Her set was tight, rhythmically varied,
and well performed, with Laurenzi providing the engine for the rest of the band
to follow. Her fans loved every minute of it, providing screams of support
and encouragement for a longer set.

Susan Laurenzi provides the real deal for those who want a fresh and
personal twist on the neo-female folk tradition. Honest, tough, and
devoid of any hackneyed drama queen ramblings, Laurenzi and her band
let the music do the talking. One cannot help but want to hear more
and follow along as her songwriting persona develops into a solid and distinctly original voice. - Music Connection Magazine


"Rich in the Soul"

***Voted AAA Album of the Year ~ LA Music Awards 2009

Tune in to "The Promise" on to hear any one of the 11 tracks on "Rich in the Soul" in the loop.

Tune in to "Women of Substance" on to hear the tracks "These Things" & "Such A Love" on Tues. and Fri. evenings.




A native New Yorker born in the Bronx‌ Susan prides herself on keeping her music rhythmic and real.

She has been creating music for more than 25 years and couldn’t imagine her life without it.

With a solid and unique guitar style, (never using a guitar pick!), Susan sings from the heart with a rich, soulful voice and guarantees to move you.

Her ability to write songs with deep meaning while defying any particular genre allows her to reach audiences with an unusually broad appeal.


A Personal Note:

Music has been such a powerful instrument in my life.
It transcends all barriers... it is open to perception.
As I continue to walk through life, coupling grace with effort,
I would like to know that in some small way;
I have contributed a few positive moments...
through music, a sense of humor and... a heart full of love!


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