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Susan Layton

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Martina Macbride, Natalie Mains, and Sara Evans are just a few artists Susan has been compared to. There is such power and conviction in her songs. That were sure you wont be disappointed.



Susan Vanessa Layton is the youngest of 14 children born to Harold and Gertrude (Kelly) Layton. She grew up on a farm in the beautiful country side of Wheaton Settlement, just west of Moncton.
Music was not a great part of her upbringing but she loved to sing the songs she heard on the radio. Susan was only 12 when she lost her mother to cancer and felt very alone. Soon after, her father bought her a piano, where Susan, after only a few lessons, developed the ability to play by ear and spent many hours at the cherished instrument.
Her father died on Christmas day, just before her 20th birthday and again she felt alone. The following Christmas, her brothers and sisters pooled their resources and bought her a guitar. Her siblings got a great charge out of her reaction when she opened it and told her they expected great things from her. Between jam sessions, music books and parties, she was soon able to play the songs she loved.
Susan married, divorced and is now raising two wonderful boys, Kyle and Ryan. During this time in her life, she wanted something more and made the decision to go back to school. After considering many options, her love for nature made the choice easy; she would go to forestry school. Armed with a student loan, she packed her bags and headed to the Maritime Forest Ranger School in Fredericton.
The intense one-year course was grueling and life didn’t stop there. During that year, she juggled her home life with school but soon discovered her youngest son had Cerebral Palsy. Even with all of this was going on in her life, there were many late night studying sessions. Family support was her greatest strength and with their help, along with her instructors and a group of loyal friends, who kindly referred to her as “The Singing Ranger”, she made it to the end of the course.
Things were starting to look up when another setback hit her directly. After a visit to the doctor, she found she had cancer. Not being a quitter, she fought back and beat this deadly disease.
Things have gotten better for Susan. She has a new supportive partner that is 100% behind her music career. Mark Cripps and his two boys, Devon and Donovan, have been actively supportive of Susan. During the rebirth of Susan, she wanted to change some things beginning with weight loss regime where she lost 99lbs, a great accomplishment for anyone. She has full time employment on a farm in Sussex and enjoys it greatly.
Susan has competed in many singing contests, where she has performed her own written material. The inspiration for her lyrics comes from her son’s experiences as well as her own personal experiences.
She is a woman of great strength and dedication. Her new CD reflects her battles, victories, joys and the strength of family.


Rest Of My Life

Written By: Susan Layton, Kyle Layton Richard

For The Rest Of My Life

Did I tell you what you mean to me
Did I tell you how much I care
I’ll never neglect you or abuse you
A mistake I’ll never make again

CHORUS: Hay hay I love you
I want to tell you how much I need you
Hay hay I want you
For the rest of my life

I see people all around me
That use words that cut like a knife
At the time they think their justified
But I see the pain in their loved ones eyes
I don’t want to go their, I don’t want to be their
I don’t want no part of that life


SO I’ll tell you what you mean to me,
And I’ll tell you how much I care
Please remember I’ll never abuse you
a mistake I will never make again


With my memories of a past love,
I realize two wrongs don’t make it rite
But those words will never leave my mind
And I don’t want that cold look in your eyes
I don’t want to go their, I don’t want to be their
I don’t want no part of that life
So I’ll tell you know

Written by Susan Layton and Kyle Layton Richard

God's Precious Gifts

Written By: Susan Layton

God’s Precious Gifts

Some things in life just cannot be explained
Like when she was a young woman,
And she was told she could never have a baby.

All hope was gone 10 years have come and gone
Without the patter of little feet
she felt like she didn’t belong
Watching her family grow was a little hard on her
Then one day went by
When she felt so weak and tired

So she finally gave in and went to see what was wrong
When the doctor came in and told her hold on
Because your finally given God’s precious gifts
Whoooo whooooo whooo
Whoooo whooooo whooo

9 months have gone, her baby came along.
The most beautiful sight she’s seen
Now she feels like she belongs.
One year has gone by her most enjoyable time in life,
Then one day went by
when she felt so weak and tired.

So she finally gave in and went to see what was wrong
When the doctor came in and told her hold on
Because not once but twice your given God’s precious gifts
Whoooo whooooo whooo
Whoooo whooooo whooo

Now several years have passed and she’s grateful every day
For the wonderful gifts in her life because they compleat it everyday.
Written by: Susan Layton
©2005 Susan V. Layton

Guardian Angels

Written By: Susan Layton, Lennie Kelso

Guardian Angels

You're walking down the street people passing by
Your head all clouded with thoughts of days gone by
You think of how you got to where you are today
Was it just on your own or was it Guardian Angels

Who helped when your son needed help with his legs?
When you were failing at school just
Trying to make it through
When you were crying on the phone
Who came running to your side?
As I look back now I see they were
My guardian angels

Content in my life with my family and my friends
So grateful for the gifts that are in my life
I realize I wouldn’t be where I am today
No not without my guardian angels

Guardian angels..........Guardian angels..........
Guardian angels..........Guardian angels……….
It you look hard enough you can see their wings.

All Lyrics Written by: Susan V. Layton
Melody by: Lennie Kelso


Susan's first single is "Country Girl" off her just released cd "Rest Of My Life".