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The best kept secret in music


"hailed as one of rock's leading"

"We are all victims of history. If Susan Robkin had been born 30 years earlier, she would probably have been hailed as one of rock's leading and trail-blazing women heroines. She has the strength of a Joan Jett with the minute care for how words sound that fills up an Alanis Morissette or Sheryl Crow. And that is how she manages to rock us with a folk/blues based power sound that finally takes rock away from the acoustic and puts it back nearer pop. She's more concerned with the performance and melody and clean sound than trying to make an eclectic 'statement.'...If Susan Robkin's hungry, turned-away, beaten, depressed, needing, hoping, wanting sound isn't touched by brilliance, then neither is Madonna or Jewel or the two-name fe- rockers that have conquered the world…her talent will hold its own toward stardom." -

"clear a wall for the platinum records"

“Susan Robkin has a muscular yet feminine take-no-prisoners vocal style and crafts sharp, emotionally gripping songs. She’s also a looker and backed by a strong fat-free guitar rock band. In other words, Robkin is primed for serious AAA stardom and it boggles the mind why she isn’t on a major label and getting pushed like the next Sheryl Crow. Someone just get her on FM radio and clear a wall for the platinum records.”
- Devil In The Woods

"Robkin is pop rock at its best"

“Robkin is pop rock at its best. Her CD, how to say goodbye, should sit in every collection…”

"Susan has the unique ability"

“…Susan has the unique ability to touch people regardless of their age or race. Her music simply does not discriminate. She holds an audience in pure rapture and remarkably, it’s an audience with faces as young as 10 and as old as 70 – in every color of the rainbow. The mark of a superstar is one who transcends boundaries to get to the very heart and soul of people – all people. This is Susan Robkin. A Superstar.” - Wall of Sound

"knock you right out of your chair"

“…Susan Robkin has passionate, truly powerhouse vocals that can knock you right out of your chair. To see her live performance is to be swept away by not only her talent, but by the disarming combination of polish and vulnerability, command and candor, that she effortlessly expresses onstage. Her songwriting talent is no less enchanting, featuring well-crafted hooks and bridges that pack an emotional punch… It’s impossible to resist the power of her voice…her passion effortlessly leaps off the stage and draws you in…she’s not afraid to fully connect with her audience…” -

"An Artist who stands out"

“Occasionally, you run across an artist who simply stands out from the rest. Susan Robkin can be said to be such a songwriter/performer. The music is at once lush and well-arranged, yet intimate…” - Tacoma Weekly

"A total natural onstage"

“Susan Robkin and her band [gave] an explosive performance…A total natural onstage, Susan is a great front-person with incredible stage presence and power when she sings. Definitely one of those bands you need to see live to completely appreciate what they’re about…Susan has a natural radiant energy…it’s no wonder she’s been able to attract such a good following…” -

"Performers of this magnitude"

“Susan's performances are marked by a disarming display of vocal power, belied by her gentle personality. Her music is deep and personal, and the band delivers the emotional intensity in a profoundly professional manner, while remaining incredibly friendly and uniquely approachable. Performers of this magnitude cannot remain a regional secret forever...” - Puget Sounds TV

"phenomenal Seattle-based female vocalist"

“…[Susan Robkin is a] phenomenal Seattle-based female vocalist [who] delivers powerful songs…there’s a definite story building here…” - Clear Channel's The Album Network


Horse of a Different Color - EP
How To Say Goodbye - LP
Surfacing To Breathe -LP

tracks with airplay or streaming: Afraid To Face The Fall, How To Say Goodbye, Nobody Knows You, Carry Me, Happiness, Falll From Grace II, Fall From Grace I, You Won't Change


Feeling a bit camera shy


Management: John Velasco:
Representation: Marc Jacobson, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Beginning her musical journey on a dare, multi-award-winning artist Susan Robkin has received notable attention with her contemporary pop/rock songs.

Thanks to her classically trained, four-octave vocal range and hook-filled songwriting style, her blend of introspective and observational lyrics, dynamic melodies and textured rhythms has earned her comparisons to Annie Lenox, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Pat Benatar. Robkin "…has clearly been doing her songwriting homework, and never met a hook she didn't like...solid, creative, commercial and instantly memorable songs..." says L.A.’s DIY Reporter.

Her songs have been featured on MTV Road Rules and on several compilation albums. She has also won several awards both locally and nationally.

Robkin stands out to many as one to watch for her music and performance, but also because of her no-nonsense and totally ambitious approach to her own career.

Before signing management with John Velasco and representation with Marc Jacobson of Greenberg Traurig, Robkin oversaw every aspect of her business. In this day and age, that’s common, but for Robkin, she pushes herself above and beyond the norm.

After finding an investor to help keep her dream alive, Susan has most recently made an album that boasts a roster of the finest musicians the business has to offer, including Tony Levin on bass and Jerry Moratta on drums.

Considered one of the hardest working musicians in the Northwest by many, Susan’s eye is on the prize and her hard work and dedication knows no limitations. Just try and tell this girl “no” and she’ll nod graciously and then prove your “no” to be a “yes”!

A word from the investor: “An investor looks for opportunities with potential. However good an idea sounds, it is the evaluation of the person who will be carrying the ball that determines going forward with the investment.

It is rare that one finds a combination of talent, business sense, and extreme work ethic combined in a single person.

Susan Robkin represented just that kind of person I was looking for. Her artistic talent is amazing, both as a singer and as a songwriter. However, more importantly, she displayed the kind of ability to manage the excruciatingly difficult job of organizing and leading her own record company, her own band, and all the other challenges involved in producing and promoting her first two albums.

Her plan for her third album included acquiring a professional manager and arranging for world class musicians. The opinion of knowledgeable people was that the music and lyrics would be at the top of what was available in the pop-rock field.

When she approached me with the project for her third album, it was clear that it should be the breakout one which would make a major investment very profitable.

Susan Robkin is at the exciting beginning of a meteoric rise as a major artist. Whether she accomplishes that task independently or with a label is yet uncertain, but that’s the only uncertainty in this amazing, young woman’s career.”