Susan Souza

Susan Souza

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Susan Souza creates acoustic music that hits your heart and makes you feel. She writes lyrics about things that some of us only think. One that cannot be ignored. The passion this artist relays through her music is a must see and a must listen. Don't let this one get away.


She has had many audiences since starting her career in the Florida Keys, at age 17. Since the discovery of her love for writing music and performing it, Susan has accumulated 10 years of experience.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Susan answered this question with no hesitation. She embarked on her pursuit of a music career by first joining a 5-piece rock band, Mirage, as the lead singer. The collaboration and continuous practice improved her vocal range, musical ear and timing.
Susan wanted to be more than a singer. With her original material accumulating she needed an outlet for her original expression. She formed an acoustic duo named Winter Breeze. It was here that she sharpened her guitar and songwriting skills, along with her performance abilities. While still performing regularly as a solo artist she established a comfort and ease with an audience.
Susan gained a wealth of experience with the joining of her next acoustic duo, Mariah x2. In a short period of time they gained an extensive local following, produced a professional recording of original material, won 1st place in a battle of bands contest (competing against 39 other groups), and embarked on a south eastern state tour. At this point Susan realized that the best way to convey her original material to audiences would be through a solo career. Under new management she continued playing a variety of venues including: festival, clubs, coffee houses, and private functions. At this time, she also recorded and produced her first solo project. After many years, devoted to a career in music, Susan began to question whether she should con¬sider a more conventional path. She stopped performing, began taking classes in business school, and got a full time job. It just seemed easier.
Since that time there has been a continued inner struggle between choosing a more normal conven¬tional life, which offers her more security, or creating music and performing for a living. This brings us to today.
Straddling both the conventional professional world and the artist's way, Susan is committed to meeting her destiny face to face. She believes that it "Can be Found."


Stay Awhile

Written By: Susan Souza

There’s got to be a better way, she said to me
All these feelings inside of me, what do they mean

What it is like on the outside looking in
Where do I end and you begin
Saying goodbye never solved a thing
C’mon girl won’t you stay awhile
Promise me you will stay awhile

Sometimes we change from who we are
into what we will become
What we want isn’t always how we end up
What does it mean?

What it is like on the outside looking in
Where do I end and you begin
Saying goodbye never solved a thing
C’mon girl won’t you stay awhile
Promise me you will stay awhile

How Do I Know

Written By: Susan Souza

My thoughts are getting reckless
and my dreams I squint to see
All these walls surround me
and I can’t break free

My love is feeling scattered
and my life is not what I think it should be
All these doubts surround me
Please don’t let them take over me

Tell me how do I know
If I’m on the right road, the right track
headed in the right direction
Tell me how do I know
Is it in my heart, my soul
Tell me will I ever be whole
How do I know

My family doesn’t understand me
I never realized I was so complex
All these walls surround me
I’m unprepared for what comes next

Important to Me

Written By: Susan Souza

If the sun should set before I get
to say these things to you
It’s important to me that you know
I wanted only the best

If the happiness should leave your heart Loneliness and desperate thoughts
It’s important to me that you know
You were always more to me

If we could change all those things
If we could wish for just one thing, what would it be
It’s important to me,
what would it be

What we thought was on our way
Partly what we needed to say
It’s important to me that you know
I would have chosen you either way

If the moon should dim before I give
All myself away to you
It’s important to me that you realize
I have changed forever, feel from inside


CD "Can Be Found" 2004.
CD "Inside and Outside" 2005.

Set List

Susan original tunes will cover 2 sets are about 45 minute long.

For other gigs....She offers over 200 cover songs ranging from 1970's Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac to 1990's Candlebox, STP and Live. This woman can play and sing just about anything.