Susan's Strange

Susan's Strange

 Apopka, Florida, USA

Orlando musician and former Cousin Gabriel front man Gabriel Haas infuses post-punk with synth and atmosphere for new project Susan’s Strange, and the result plays like a collection of hidden tracks from the 4AD catalog.


Susan's Strange began as some leftover demos and random song ideas from Gabriel Haas' former band 'Cousin Gabriel'. Originally meant as a solo project making music to share with friends and other musicians, once Gabriel started working with producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Rice, the songs began to take on a new life and a partnership was born.



Written By: Gabriel Haas

Water on the windshield
Smooth gray landscapes
Away we go
On glass far removed

Soft ride, brought back
And I remember

Water on the windshield
You're on the phone
Away we go
On plans far removed

Emptiness Means Little

Written By: Gabriel Haas

I've often felt like yesterday
May not have even taken place
My reflection, my reminder
The fault lines in my face

Baby you can't escape it
It's all part of the deal
Your emptiness means little
Especially when real

You're no one's martyr but your own
Cross your T's always if you know
There are those who live in freedom
Bu they wouldn't hold you interest
The drama absentee doesn't need to be a witness

Maybe you can't accept it
But it's all part of the deal
Your emptiness means little
Especially when real

Minute 4

Written By: Gabriel Haas

Take two pictures
Place them side by side
Wonder when the spirit died
The light was taken from those eyes

Yet here I sit complacent
Begging for a similar fate
Avoiding life at all cost
I'm aching for an ending to this never ending story
I rush the end with hand in pen
But pages still turn, their emptiness staring
I only want to star again
Or at least a new chapter

Where I can organize and align
With such perfection to fill my time
Where love has no room to exist
But my colors, they are in order
My thoughts impossibly scrambled
And my dreams, they prematurely fade away
This minute 4 has ended
It will all end, it will all end


Written By: Gabriel Haas

Jet black hair
A gem so rare
If only to see what's really there
Beyond the layers of polish and care
Beyond the charming smile and stare
Beyond the confident stride and arrogant air
There is something in need of repair


Susan's Strange EP (2010)