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What Would You Say

Written By: Susan Warren


What would you say if I told you I had to go away
If this were my last night would that be ok
Would you hold me as I slept and softly went to rest
Would you comfort me cause I failed God’s so called test

What would you say if you knew I’d be ok
Would you be proud of me even though I lost my way
Would you hold me tight knowing that I’ve lost the fight

You know that I love you but it’s just too hard to stay
I’ve been bleeding inside more and more each day
When you suffer inside and noone can see
It’s gets harder and harder to keep living with me

Would you love me enough to set me free
Would you understand why this just had to be
The wounds that I have can not be healed
I know this is true because of the way that I feel

All I ever wanted was a small sense of peace
This will never be and everyone can see

I am asking for your blessing to end my time on earth
I am begging for your understanding why I feel I have no worth
Let me go, set me free, and know that you are doing this because of the love you have for me

Not everyone is meant to live in this place we call life
Not everyone can put back the pieces of a mind full of strife
I need you to assure me that when I leave this place that I won’t be leaving you with a huge empty space

Tell me that you’ll be ok and that this road is right
Tell me that you’ll stay with me for just this one last night
Just hold my hand and tell me you understand
Keep telling me this while you hold my dying hand

So what do I need, what do I need from you
I need you tell me that you’ll remain strong and that you will be happy because nothing is wrong

Tell me you get it cause I can’t cause you pain, I can
Go peacefully and not leave you in the rain.

So, tell me it’s time, time for me to go, time to find peace that life never let me know
Always know that you are my best friend, you have been the best person right til the end

Live your life to the fullest and be all you can be and while your journey continues know I’m where I’m supposed to be.

So, to the greatest man I’ve ever known, to the one that made life real, know that I am in a place where peace is all I’ll feel.

Never worry about me, never feel bad, never believe that I am still sad.
Continue to be the man that I’ve known, knowing that I am never alone.