Susan Wheatley

Susan Wheatley


Real roots folk kinda like Sara Mclaughlin sweet, with Joni Mitchel real, wrapped up in Marianne Faithful raw spiritual.


Susan Wheatley’s debut CD, Beyond the Dover, is a tale about a family that must face and come to grips with mental health issues. For Susan, it is part of a journey to connect with her listeners who have similar stories. A significant part of this journey is moving towards something better, brighter than “The Dover”, a gritty Edmonton hotel symbolizing this family’s struggles.
And down this path she has found inspiration in herself, in the demons of her past and in artists like Lucinda Williams and Mary Gauthier. She has charmed the stage with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and graced the recording studio with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings’ Tom Wilson. The Edmonton-native has shared with the world her stories on CBC Radio One, on CKUA, at the South Country Fair and at the reputable Showcase for Alberta Sessions coming up in March. She has recently found love, revelation and rhythm in a fellow musician – a relationship that is her biggest muse at the moment.

“This album is definitely a journey for me,” says Susan, who has now taken up shop in Calgary. “And I truly want to bring people along with me so we can do some healing together.”

While some adventures have a distinct look or style, the ones with Susan aren’t so simple. She has embraced her alternative and punk rock roots and painted them with alt-country and folk colors. Throw in some tales about forgiveness - all sung in words so honest you can feel them - and you have a very unique traveling partner at your side.

“But peace comes to those who forgive. Once you do then you can truly live,” sings Susan in the chorus for her song, Peace Come to Those Who Forgive. “Starting with yourself and then to everybody else, peace comes to those who forgive.

After casting her demons behind her, Susan moved to Ottawa where she sowed her vocal seeds, singing jazz and alternative rock tunes in various groups around the Canadian capital. Since then, she has returned to Alberta, settling in the city of Calgary. This is where she has truly grown as an artist and found a voice unique in the Alberta landscape.

Even though her story isn’t close to being over, Susan is content with where she is now both personally and musically.

“Life is great and life is wonderful,” says Susan, who - in the words of Iggy Pop, another artist whom she admires - has a ‘lust for life.’ “We’re all strong enough to move on from our past.”

So listen to what Susan has to say because this story has a happy ending.


It Was A Train Thing

Written By: Susan Wheatley

It was a train thing
You and I
Following that big old moon
In a lonely sky
That rumble and your guitar
How you made it sing
It was a train thing

Rolling down the rails
The wheels go clickety clack
The more I ride the less I want to go back
Cause life outside is so derailed
Too much trouble it brings
But all aboard, it’s just a train thing

The lights fly by leaving
Streaks of green and red
Upon my shoulder you lay your head
You told me of your dreams and fears
And I kept on finding so much pleasure
In our little train thing

Then with your dark eyes
You peered into my mind
You said you were surprised to find
All the light and the quiet you
Heard what I was saying
But then again, it could’ve been that train thing

You were a train thing
There aint much more to say
When the wheels stopped
I knew you’d go away
And take with you my heart
tied to a string
And take with you my heart
tied to a string
It was a train thing
Train thing


Beyond the Dover (2008)

Set List

(Current concert Lineup)
2/Rest In Peace
3/Summer Child
4/My Tears Have All Run Dry
5/Alcohol Is My Friend
6/Calgary Lights
7/Bitter Leaves
8/Afraid To Fly
9/Girl I Once Knew
10/You're Not Unwanted
11/It was A Train Thing
12/Run And Hide