Susheela Raman

Susheela Raman

 London, England, GBR

Tamil Londoner Susheela Raman has established her place as one of the most creative artists to emerge from the South Asian diaspora.
Blessed with a mesmeric voice and an captivating stage presence she has enraptured countless listeners with her songs and Indian roots, infused with a Londoner’s feeling for rock, blues & soul.
Her sixth studio album features her amazing collaboration with musicians from Rajasthan and Qawwals from Pakistan.


Born in the UK to Tamil Parents, Susheela has been charming audiences worldwide for a few years now with her beguiling voice and her explosive stage presence.

A fearlessly innovative singer and composer who allows herself to be home anywhere, Susheela adds a Londoner's perspectuve to her collaborations with master musicians from diverse traditions. Her previous albums are "Salt Rain" (2001), "Love Trap" (2003), "Music for Crocodiles" (2005), "33 1/3" (2007), "Vel" (2011) and the live album "HAL" (2012).

In India Susheela is best known for the song "Ye Mera Divanapaan Hai", and enduringly popular track from her second album. But one listen to "Queen Between" reveals how much more there is to discover in the Raman musical universe.

Susheela Raman Voice

Sam Mills Guitar, backing vocals

Kutle Khan Voice, Morchang (Jaw Harp), percussions

Nathoo Solanki Nagara Drums


'Salt Rain' 2001 (EMI)
'Love Trap' 2003 (EMI)
'Music for Crocodiles' 2005 (EMI)
'33 1/3' 2007 (XIII bis)
'Vel' 2011 (Believe)
'Hal' 2012 [live album]
'Queen Between' 2014 (World Village)

Set List

Songs drawn from all six SUSHEELA RAMAN albums, but with particular focus on the repertoire of 2014's Queen Between album. A mixture of Tamil and English language material.