sushi cabaret club

sushi cabaret club

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A blend of modern and classic rock from Japan. Comprising members from 4 different countries. Sound like a mix of British rock such as Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart and the Faces, and American and Southern Rock such as Govt Mule and Bruce Springsteen.


Despite being an independent band, SUSHI CABARET CLUB has already achieved some amount of success in Japan. They played at The Fuji Rock Festival in 2004 and 2005, and were featured on several TV music programs. Their songs have been used for TV and internet commercials of several large companies, including MAZDA and ACUTAS and they can often be heard on Nagoya radio stations.
Whilst the name reflects the band’s Japanese conception, their music has a heavily influenced British rock meets American rock sound.
SUSHI CABARET CLUB is a band whose sound is a blend of old-school and modern rock, incorporating powerful and moving vocal melodies, insightful lyrics and rootsy grooves. Their songs range from beautiful acoustic ballads to melodic rock with powerful hooks and rock anthems.
Formed in Nagoya, Japan, in 2003, they have since been gigging steadily and gaining a reputation as a quality musical act, releasing 4 well received CDs in as many years.


Sons & Guns

Written By: David Wallace

I can’t stand your suffering and pain
I cannot imagine living that way
But as I’m watching on TV
and I see what I see
Sons carrying guns sons carrying guns

I can’t calculate the price you pay
And know one has the right to manipulate
But as I’m watching on TV
and see what I see
Sons carrying guns sons carrying guns

Take me here I am its on the table
Another loaded gun
I spin the chamber
Another young life gone
I spin the chamber


CD Releases
Beauty Built On Flaws – September, 2003 (11th floor records)
Living On Mountains – September, 2004 (11th floor records)
Band In My Head – May, 2006 (Fullhouse label)
Girl – June, 2007. (Fullhouse label)