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Angel In Disguise

Written By: Susie Schwartz

As a young child
I took and took
My small hands reaching
Wants known with a look
I didn’t know, Just didn’t know
As my years multiplied
I noticed her glow
A glaring comparison
My own shame now grows
I didn’t know, I didn’t know, I didn’t know…I didn’t know
She’s an angel in disguise
So gentle, passionate and wise
No doubt an angel in disguise
I see Jesus in her eyes
Her eyes, Jesus in her eyes

An example in the flesh
Such inner beauty, pure
My focus changes quickly
As I grow and mature
Now I know, I really know

I want to be more like her
So my heart exudes love
More like Jesus in her
A precious gift from above
Now I know, I really know


She’s an angel
Caring angel
Precious angel
In disguise
Jesus in her eyes