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"Naked Dreams"

Review by Lucky Boyd
"Susie Warley reaches a new level with her 2009 release. Her voice is Texas folk and her dynamic delivery keeps the listener involved. The writing is solid and creative throughout. The project is lively and entertaining, as Warley touches all topics of life, mostly feel-good subjects. Perhaps Warley’s best work to date, “NAKED DREAMS” peels away the layers of Susie’s inner self and exposes a look at the true creativity residing within." - My Texas Music

"Naked Dreams"

Review by Robert Silverstein
"The music of 'Naked Dreams' ranges from pop torch songs and light ballads to a more guitar driven upbeat groove with a solid pop edge. Warley’s country rock may sound influenced by greats from Skeeter Davis (‘50s) to Linda Ronstadt (‘60s) and Marti Jones and Aimee Mann (‘80s); yet, with a memorable batch of satisfying pop rockers, Warley stakes out a vibe all her own." - Music Webb Express 3000

"Naked Dreams"

"At just under an hour long, this mammoth release is a good collection of rock and pop country. The pace slows with 'The Secret," another track highlighting Susie's sexy and breathy vocal; it sent a tingle down my spine. The crisp production and exquisite playing is superb." - Maverick Magazine (UK)


"From sweet and ethereal to rich and seductive, Susie's voice makes that emotional connection to the listener that is quite irresistible." - Maverick Magazine (UK)


Article by Carson Barker

Timeless Beauty Bringing in 2008

More than two decades after the moon of Saturn was named, Kalypso has resurfaced once more, this time in the form of a song and an album. Horseshoe Bay singer/songwriter Susie Warley conjured the title track Kalypso, which with delicate guitar lines and a whispering voice, wraps its wings around the ancient word, and rekindles an age-old flame.

"The music is based on the goddess Calypso in the Odyssey," said Warley. "But in the song, I give her a new twist by putting her in my life. I wanted to write a song about a seductress, so I brought her to life in my dream."

In the shape of a woman, a flower, a moon, or a song, the word "kalypso" has managed to slip through the passage of time and make relevant appearances along its journey. Kalypso's first entrance into the human realm was in Homer's Odyssey. Also spelled with a "c" instead of a "k," Calypso was one of Zeus's daughters, who trapped Odysseus on her solitary island for seven years after he barely escaped death. She promised Odysseus immortality if he stayed, but he chose to leave so he could return to his wife, Penelope.

The name Calypso returned hundreds of years later as an orchid. Also known as the Venus Slipper or Fairy Slipper, it is signified by its purple spots and yellow band. After that, Calypso surfaced again in 1980 as the planet Saturn's 13th moon. The Calypso moon revolves around the great planet with Atlas, Titan, and Pan, and over 50 other moons.

Susie Warley brings legends to life in a style as gentle as the petals of an orchid. With influences like Stevie Nicks and Carly Simon, Warley's sound emulates all the great American singer-songwriters of the past, but with a little bit of edge that sounds like a female Kenny Rogers. Every song on the album "Kalypso" is a tale that could be a minute long or 100 years old. Her soothing voice, easy progressions, and diverse themes all combine for an album that is as epic, tranceful, and fulfilling as Homer's Odyssey. Warley has managed to produce all of this, along with balancing a family life and graduate school.

"It's challenging," Warley said. "Fortunately, they're good kids and don't get in trouble. And they love the music. I guess it's kind of odd that their mom goes to smoky bars on the weekends and plays. I also go to grad school in Vermont during the summers."

The timeless album features notable musicians like Lloyd Maines, Haydn Vitera, Matt Skinner, Jason Roberts, John Michael Whitby, Michael Hearne, and the one and only Shake Russell.

"I used to play with a guy who turned me on to his music," said Warley about Russell. "Shake's style is eclectic. He's really been my mentor in the last couple of years. We're co-writing now, and it's fascinating watching him because he's such a prolific songwriter. Watching him go through the process—he's a perfectionist and I'm kind of new to all of this."
- Highland Lakes Newspapers


Naked Dreams - Released January 2009
Produced by John Inmon
12 original songs including a co-write with Shake Russell and a co-write with Max Milligan
2 cover songs written by Buzz Cason

Kalypso - Released March 2007
5 original sons and 7 cover songs

Songs Covered By Other Artists:

"Bird and Stone" - Shake Russell, What this Heart Holds CD, Deep in the West Productions.



Susie's musical influences have included songstresses such as Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Olivia Newton-John, Carol King, and Emmylou Harris, with her favorite super groups being the Beatles, Steely Dan, The Eagles, and Heart.

Returning to her rock and roll roots, Naked Dreams is an eclectic collection of 14 songs that spans the gamut of musical genres and lyrical themes. Whether it be a soft love song or a hard heart-breaker; an enchanting vignette or a bold outpouring of raw emotion; a simple idea or a deep philosophical thought, this collection is sure to tease the ears and stimulate the minds of music lovers of all kinds. Best of all, the CD showcases the impressive talents of producer and guitarist John Inmon.

Susie’s debut album, Kalypso, has been described as “world folk” and beautifully showcases her unique vocal style. From sweet and ethereal to rich and emotive, the euphonic tenor of Susie’s voice is sure to please the ear and pull on the heartstrings. Hollywood actress Mamie van Doren selected the title track for her Goddess Video.

In performance, Susie’s repertoire includes originals, along with obscure and popular cover songs. She has performed in venues across Texas, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

Originally from New Hampshire, Susie moved to Texas in 1984 and currently resides in Horseshoe Bay with her husband, Gene, and their two sons. Her singing career began at the age of 7 in church and school choirs. When 12, she received a pawn shop guitar as a gift and began learning the basics from a family friend. Before too long, she was accompanying herself in talent shows. A couple of years later, her father built a Heathkit organ and she enrolled in organ lessons.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Texas-San Antonio, Susie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and is currently pursuing a Master's degree at the Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English in Middlebury, Vermont. She also writes poetry and is working on a novel. A former marathon runner, Susie continues to make running an essential part of her day.