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The best kept secret in music


"Suspect Concert Review"

I had no idea what to expect when I was told to check out a local act named Suspect that was making waves in many clubs around the North East. With an ambiguous name, Suspect could have been my worst nightmare. A death rock act with head lashing moves and ear pearcing screams? But to my pleasant surprise, Suspect was a thrilling, high energy, sweet sounding rock band. I was smiling throughout the entire show and wanted more when all was said and done. Everyone in this band has mastered their respective talents and together they blend wondeful melodies and pulsing rhythems. After the show, I bought their acclaimed (by a friend) 2003 release, The Color Of We, and have been dancing in my car almost every day since. Suspect is a band that I would reccomend to anyone who's looking for the kind of rock that'll make 'em dance the night away. - Boston Globe, 2003

"Creative Artists Agency"

"I love Suspect and the song/album, "Wild and Free"! I hear a couple hit singles breaking out of that album."
--Alex Ross (booking agent for Maroon 5, Jordan Night, Jada Pinkett, and many more great acts) - Alex Ross

"Rent-A-Label - Barry Lyons"

Barry Lyons, formerly of RCA Records, will be working with Suspect on AAA radio campaign this summer/fall 2005. The band will promote the songs "Wild and Free" and "Shine On" to stations from Chicago to Maine to the Carolinas. Stay tuned for more details! - Positive Email and Phone Discussions

"Wild and Free - Album Review"

Wild and Free

By Dave Terpeny, KyndMusic Editor

Let us look back in time, deep into the pages of history, and as we blow away the dust and cobwebs, we catch a glimpse into an oft-overlooked corner of the 1980’s and 1990s: Two-Tone and Third Wave Ska. Then bands like Madness, Sublime, No Doubt (when they didn’t suck), The Specials, Operation Ivy and The Toasters fused Jamaican Ska with rock and punk to create two interesting waves of music, as noted above.

Of course, the purists have argued that these fusions have, in essence, destroyed the true heart of Ska and a roots revival is now underway with bands like The Slackers and Pressure Cooker. And then there are bands like Suspect.

Tristan Andrews, Josh Shriber, and Billy Prendergast create a volatile mix of Reggae, rock, and funk on their debut album, Wild and Free, and, in doing so, create an entirely new genre of music. Respectful of the Jamaican roots in songs like the Madness-inspired title track, the down and dirty rock reggae of “Better Days,” and the insanely catchy “Paper Boy” they also allow their other influences to bleed through.

For instance, “Cocktail Dreamer” is a poppy miasma of distorted guitars and frantic phrasing that reminds me of some old Black 47. Celt-Reggae I suppose. “Eyes for Me” is almost reminiscent of the underground 80’s band My Bloody Valentine with its muted breathy distortion and off-kilter tuning.

Then there’s “Nayamako.” A delicious world beat song with the rhythm of Robert John’s “The Lion Never Sleeps” and some minimalist reggae-ish guitar; it’s an amazing addition to the album.

But the real champion to me, and apparently to them as they included it twice, is “Shine On.” The first version is recorded with the entire band; the second version is an acoustic performance by Tristan Andrews. Both versions display an amazingly tender, beautiful, and insightful tribute to someone lost. And like much of the album, it is a musical melting pot as well, but cohesive and wonderfully performed.

So, can you tell I like these guys? They create heartfelt, passionate, and beautiful music with punk’s edge, pop’s accessibility and reggae’s soul. Get ready for the Suspect Wave my friends.

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- Dave Terpeny - KyndMusic Editor


LP: THE COLOR OF WE (2003) (3500 copies sold)
CD: WILD AND FREE (2004) (5000 copies sold and counting). The song, "Wild and Free" and "Shine On" are band and fan favorites. They will be the focus of a AAA radio campaign that will start in the fall of 2005...www.SUSPECTCENTRAL.COM for more details.
***In these high tech times, thousands of Suspect songs and CDs are being burned and downloaded across the USA, Canada and the UK. In fact, Suspect can tip their hats and thank fans from 12 countries for spreading the music!***


Feeling a bit camera shy


It seems like every band gets together and writes the same bio and you've probably read them a dozen different times today alone. Get ready for someone's "educated opinion" and a bit of BS... "Suspect is unique," Suspect may change the face of college-rock,"Tristan's sincere presence and stellar guitar work adds to an already exceptional show." Thanks, but what do critics really know anyway? Suspect is doing what rock musicians have been doing for the past 50 years; making music they love to make. Do what you love and people will love what you do. Influences range from Miles Davis, Walt Whitman and early Genesis/Peter Gabriel, Adam Sandler to Jonny Cash. What sets us apart from other bands? Suspect always sings from the heart and, in turn, earns strong connections with crowds from a humble 8 fans(Grape St. Pub in Philly, 2002) to 80000 fans (Gillette Stadium's Opening Game Entertainment 2005).