Three positive frontmen make Suspect a super fun and high energy band - always a crowd pleasing live show! It sounds like soul-filled rock mixed with reggae mixed with ska mixed with more rock. Suspect has become one of the most requested bands at boarding schools in the North East!


It seems like every band gets together and writes the same bio and you've probably read them a dozen different times today alone. Get ready for someone's "educated opinion" and a bit of BS... "Suspect is unique," Suspect may change the face of college-rock,"Tristan's sincere presence and stellar guitar work adds to an already exceptional show." Thanks, but what do critics really know anyway? Suspect is doing what rock musicians have been doing for the past 50 years; making music they love to make. Do what you love and people will love what you do. Influences range from Miles Davis, Walt Whitman and early Genesis/Peter Gabriel, Adam Sandler to Jonny Cash. What sets us apart from other bands? Suspect always sings from the heart and, in turn, earns strong connections with crowds from a humble 8 fans(Grape St. Pub in Philly, 2002) to 80000 fans (Gillette Stadium's Opening Game Entertainment 2005).



Written By: Tristan Andrews


I can’t blame you for wanting to go
When things in this world are so troublesome
But what it is I think you don’t know
That people like you warm the sun
And now that you’re so close to this great ball of fire
Tell the angels that you’re for hire
And if they ask, “what makes you qualified?”
You tell those angels about the world you made smile

Shine a little light
Share a little love
Shake it with your daughters
Shake it with your sons

There are so many secrets for us to know
But we live with ourselves and that’s our fault
If wisdom is what teaches us to grow
You’re a wise man tending a garden of gold
Dad, can’t now but when he can he will
And you know he always did

And all good things come to an end
It’s what’s in-between and what you make of them
So take small hands and show them what it means just to dream
My friend, you will always mean the world to me


Wild and Free

Written By: Tristan Andrews

She crawled out the window and stepped into the world
She was met by a lot of things she’d never seen before
A one-eyed sight, a ticket and a tow
A happy face to a sold out show, and oh, she is wild and free

Her memories are faded and her questions never end
Is the real world really like it is on her TV set?
Ten to one, a starving child
You can change the channel but you can’t change the time, and oh, it is wild and free

These are the answers to what we do and what we see
These are the answers; you know I’ll keep mine wild and Free
Yeah, hey, yeah

He broke a silent stare and stepped foot through the door
He thought of helping out, but he’d never done that before
A birthday card, two shouts and a cheer
A happy face holds a pitcher of beer, and oh, he is wild and free

His colors are changing, there brighter day by day, into one sweet song they played
A pina coolatta, a hula girl
That’s one great night in a beautiful world, and oh, it is wild and free


Kicked with a good foot, falling for the gold
Left out in the open to be bought or sold
Shoot me a look that says you’re doing fine
You walk with a limp but you run like a lion
Can’t count my pocket change until it shakes
When my pockets empty, you know it’s time to break
So dizzy up the silence with a loud bang
Right foot first when you step from the game

Wild, wild, wild and free…


LP: THE COLOR OF WE (2003) (3500 copies sold)
CD: WILD AND FREE (2004) (5000 copies sold and counting). The song, "Wild and Free" and "Shine On" are band and fan favorites. They will be the focus of a AAA radio campaign that will start in the fall of 2005...www.SUSPECTCENTRAL.COM for more details.
***In these high tech times, thousands of Suspect songs and CDs are being burned and downloaded across the USA, Canada and the UK. In fact, Suspect can tip their hats and thank fans from 12 countries for spreading the music!***

Set List

Suspect's set includes mostly original material designed to get audience to go from tapping toes to a whole body groove! 45 minute sets are the norm, but the band has the goods to fill an entire night. Fun cover tunes get the crowd up and moving when necessary: The Who (Baba O'Rielly ROCKS!), Prince (Purple Rain), Pearl Jam (Yellow Lead Better), Bob Marley (Stir it Up) and Biz Marke's (You got what I Need)...for a good laugh.