Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip HopReggae

Inspired by the everyday lives of regular people doing regular things, Suspect as a whole is anything but regular. 5 different styles come together to pour out an experience that is unique to any other band out there. Playing many genres with strong roots of Reggae and Old School Hip-hop. It's live.


As more and more bands enter the evergrowing arsenal that is todays music scene, the demand for something new increases. The shuffle feature on Ipods has taken over our generation as hit singles become more common than hit albums. Bands and Artists struggle to establish an identity and music lovers struggle to find that new sound they are constantly looking for. But in the midst of all the confusion emerges a band that smashes the boarders of muscal genres. Hailing from Scarborough to Etobicoke, with influences from Muskoka, Suspect is a crew of five guys from all sorts of musical backgrounds. Touching up on the reggae roots while bringing back that old-school hip hop flavor, you'll hear a plethera of sounds ranging from one spectrum to the other, with real lyrics inspired by the everyday lives of real people. Drum beats that will make you move your feet, guitar lines that will make you feel fine, bass that will make your heart race, topped with two lead vocalists with completely different styles that feed of one anothers energy.

Suspect has spent the last three years convincingly making a name for themselves, packing local venues all over Toronto. More and more people are discovering the hype that is a Suspect show. It is un-deniable at this point that Suspect brings the party, and the crowd always responds. The era of auto-tune is getting old, and this crew isnt looking back.