Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief

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Hip-hop meets hard rock with a touch of funk. The Bruce Springsteen of Hip Hop and Rock and Roll. A conscious consensus of beautifully written music, meaningful lyrics, and young, raw energy fusing together the boundries of two genres.


Ask anyone about their memories from high school and most people will mention the different cliques that were present within the school’s cafeteria. There was the table that had the football and basketball players, as well as other athletes. Right next to that table was the cheerleaders and other popular people. A couple tables down, you can spot members of the student government sitting together with the honor students. Across from them is the table with the skateboarders who love rock and roll while all the way on the opposite side of the cafeteria is the table with students who love hip-hop and bass in their music. Joining any one of these two cliques together might seem like an impossible feat, but Suspension of Disbelief has seemed to unite the latter of the cliques with an unprecedented cool.

Representing the suburbs of Philadelphia and Trenton respectively, this dynamic group of musicians is planning to take over your ears with their music and introduce you to something you never thought existed. A hybrid of hip-hop and hard rock, Suspension of Disbelief’s make-up is that of two separate music groups joining together. The first group, Audio Variable (A/V), is a hip-hop group from Mount Laurel, NJ; a suburb of Philadelphia. While the second group, Elle, is a 5-piece, post hardcore rock band from Bordentown, NJ, a suburb of Trenton.

Leading totally different types of lives and playing completely separate styles of music, only fate would be the glue that would bring these two music groups together. Both were scheduled to play one day, among other bands, for a gig during an event on “Go National Skateboarding Day”. A band was up first performing while A/V was set to go on next only to find out that the sound system was not set up for a hip-hop group and their was nothing to play back an instrumental CD. Quick thinking led members of A/V to request that the band performing before them would hopefully play some of their instrumentals live so that they can still put on a show. The band performing before them was Elle, they excitedly agreed to help, and the response from the 3 tracks they performed together was overwhelming.

Seeing the potential and reaction from people of bringing two genres together sparked the groups to continue to work on new material. Their first project was on A/V’s third EP entitled “Subject to Change: Showtime” where Elle remixed one of their hit singles “Is It Skinny”. Hearing their music recorded and listening to the blend of hip-hop and live rock and roll prompted both groups to follow this new path a little more seriously while educating each other in the process. Says guitarist Vince Campanaro,
“I never took the time to really understand hip-hop or rap and never really considered it to be real music. You don’t have to play any instruments to be in a rap group and it doesn’t seem like it could be that difficult. After working together with A/V though, it amazes me at how much talent and intelligence it takes to create lyrics and tell a story all while staying in the right amount of measures with a constant rhyme scheme.

Suspension of Disbelief’s goal is to create a new and unique brand of music making bringing all different types of people together. Says member Stan Greene,
“Our mission is to bring different groups of people together who never thought they would meet. Instead of someone looking at a rock video of an artist screaming and not understanding the passion behind his lyrics or instead of someone watching a rap video and not quite wanting to know why the artist pleads to the audience to feel his pain, they will finally both know where each one is really coming from.

“People fear what they don’t understand which is why a lot of people do not cross over with their music”. says member Maurice Hall. “We feel like we can bring a fresh new outlook and break the barriers.”

With a brand new outlook on music and the sky the limit, Suspension of Disbelief’s members believe that, when given the opportunity, can make their mark in the industry. Merging together those high school lunch tables may still seem like a daunting task but with Suspension of Disbelief playing in the background, impossible? Not hardly.


Mind Fuel

Written By: CJ Bacote, Maurice Hall, and Stan Greene

I’m coolin wit my homies as I look to my left
Had to blink my eyes and swallow spit and catch my breath,
In the midst of ooo's and ahh's this cutie pie had caught my eye,
About 5'8 ya them hips look great on her thick a** thighs,
So, i approached her on the smooth cool tip,
How you doin baby girl i know you like music,
I got a tune that your body sings well,
I think its tellin me you should ring my bell,
Damn am I in a dream,
Cuz your the finest dime that I have seen,
But hold up wait a minute stop,
Damn I stay scheming, stop day dreaming

She’s got that mind fuel, and I can’t get her out my head
So what do I do, she’s got me hanging by a thread
That mind fuel, its time to push the gas and go
So what do I do, do I come off fast or slow

Yo, I’m laying down, I close my eyes surprise what do I see
This pretty little thing she’s laying down right next to me
I reach to touch she stops me and she says emphatically
That I got to work for what I want nothing is for free
So, I, keep on pushing the heat is on
She plays the game to perfection, leading me on
It’s like a game of basketball, one on one
I feel I’m winning the battle but it’s just begun
She’s playing with my mind, moving a piece at a time
It’s like a game of chess, only with her its not
I can get any girl I want man so why
Am I chasing this abstract piece of art

Hook x1

Bridge(Vince Campanaro, Cory Sexton):

You’ve pressed down and pinned my eyes
Their stuck on you (They have me hypnotized)
You’re walking further won’t you fly my way

Now you know its not me to be in a state of awe
But girl you got me weezin pacin off
And yea it’s probably your stunnin face n all
But the lock and key is the way you play it off
As if you purposefully hurtin me cuz uncertainty, perfectly
Fits the form of you working
The angle of friendship
I’m entangled within this
Web of plutonic
Now is that what u wanted
S*** I just wanted to shag you

Fight Muzik

Written By: CJ Bacote, Maurice Hall, Stan Greene

Lets find the backdoor and rush the bouncers
Cuz me and my vatos puffed an ounce of
The sickest bud
And I sipped some bub
So right now I don’t give a f***
Of what you feelin dude
See me I walk wit gorrillas dude
Na na they ain’t gone kill ya dude
But act bananas they might jus peel ya dude
Now I’m in the mood for some drinks at the bar
And shorty probably think I’m a star
But I can careless I’m looking for trouble
Unless you got breast I’m looking for double, Ds, geez, please, we's
Just want the right to go dumb
Act stupid take s*** from no one
So come one yes come all
We can have fun or no fun at all
So come one yes come all
We can have fun or no at all, we can have fun or no fun at all

Hook x2
So tell me can you hear this fight muzik
Whatever you feel, like just go do it
Standing on the floor like you is
The baddest motherf*, prove it!

Back up, back up, WHOA, you’re way too close
Hennesy got you trippin, stepping to me on approach
You started moving your mouth saw my click and then froze
You don’t want it with them boys eye to eye, toe to toe
A/V emblem like a Superman logo
Music so loud we go def in both ears like So So
Bump me when I’m dancing, nah n**** that’s a big no-no
Bump me again, drink in my hand, and I might lose control
Never riding solo
Couple shots of soko
Your girls tryin to holla, I’m a need a few more
Take her to the floor
Watch her shake and roll
Push her to the side, I’m a grab four more
So if you don’t know
We got it on lock
Rap game like a pro
We reppin our block
South Jers. we here now
Nothing else to say?
Then shut the f*** up and move out my way!

Hook x2

The aggression and rage has got me feeling pressured,
To best another head as they try to come and test us,
But its cool I stay calm and collected,
A legend in the ‘burbs but in the hood well respected,
Don’t get it twisted I’m the wrong dude to mess it,
I stay cool but I’ll stomp you in some fresh kicks,
So check this if a dude acts reckless,
Ha! He just signed his own death wish
Yo this shit rite here we call it hip-rock,
If you try and deny it you just might get shocked,
By the rhythm as we continue to hit em, his boys coming to get em off the ground maf*
Yeah, what now ma*
If you talking shit don’t come around ma*
We the kings round here cased closed,
As we stand tall you ma*'s better lay low

Is It Skinny (Rock Remix)

Written By: CJ Bacote, Maurice Hall, Stan Greene

Is It Skinny

Album: Subject to Change: Showtime
Song: Is It Skinny
Artist: Audio Variable

[Intro: CJ, Stan]

It’s the A to the V, uh yah (hah)
It’s the A to the V, uh yah (hah)
It’s the A to the V, uh yah (hah)
Throw that thing at me baby (hah,hah,hah,hah,hah)

Attention, a word that comes to mind
When them n***** A/V step in front of the line
Is it my style? My s*** is all hooked up
Dress shoes, blue jeans, same color button up
Caught this girl eyein me, over there with her friends
She looked away I waited till we locked eyes again
Smiled at her, asked her if she wanted to get on the floor
She said I never danced wit a girl like her before
Ha, damn, and now we vibin and talking
The base line drops, she drops, WHOA!
Yah,I see you putting it down,
I like the way you shake and throw it around
If your a** had a GPA, youd be ahead of your class
Draws so big, you prolly fit the club in your a**
Asked her what her name was, the girl said Winnie
And with a grin on her face, she leaned over to me and asked me…

Throw it at me Ima catch that (Is It Skinny)
Skinnys what we call a fat back (Is It Skinny)
Yeah I love the way you doing that (Is It Skinny)
Ima give it to you girl throw it back (Is It Skinny)

Throw it at me Ima catch that (Is It Skinny)
Skinnys what we call a fat back (Is It Skinny)
Yeah I love the way you doing that (Is It Skinny)
Stop playin around, wiggle it, and throw it back

P-boy on the scene with the mean strut
All the girls know about the way the kid beat guts
Yeah a lil nasty n****,
I tend to get a lil crazy when they pass me liquor
When I give you the signal girl you know its goin down
Just throw it at me like a pitcher standing on the mound (Strike one)
And Ima catch her like Mike Piazza
The clubs closing down so we might meet after
And Ima take you back to mi casa
Throw it at me more Ill send it right back at you
F*** Ms. New Booty girl I want the old s***
A chick that back it up hard and make you go OH S***!
Haha, and im smooth like Diddy
Got more than a two step, I move so pretty
If you feelin P-boy, girlies rub on them t******
One thing I want to know about that a** girl is it is it what?

Hook: 1x


Whoa, whooooa
Whoa, whooooa
Whoa, whooooa
Whoa, shake it, shake it, shake it (hah)


Haaaaaaaaa here we go again wit another episode
Hit the car, hit the club, see a mess of h***
A**** out, tummies tight, and they breast exposed
Lookin like every b**** in here done ate they vegetables
Hit the floor like my voice, smooth and low key
Hat over my eyes cuz i smoke too much w*** (Ahhhhhhhhh breathe)
Let me get myself together
Pause on the floor look left to right i betta (Come on)
Scoop up a skinny, so I can get her
On me dippin it, twistin it, she tippin it, im liftin it
And if i aint gettin it, watch how fast i move to a different bitch
And whisper in her ear, like some ying yang (Jigga jigga jiggaling)
I see u over here doin ur thing thang
But i dont care if i come off rude or friendly
She jus goin to look back and ask me if its skinny



Whoa whoa whoa (Now shake it for me)
Whoa whoa whoa (Yah Shake it for me)
Whoa whoa whoa (Now shake it for me)
Whoa whoa whoa (Yah Shake it for me)


Is It Skinny?


Mind Fuel - single

Fight Muzik - single

Is It Skinny (Rock Remix) - single

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Mind Fuel

Fight Muzik

Is It Skinny