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We are very versatile when performing together as we both sing. I can sing quite low and Neen can sing quite high. we play all styles of music but are really passionate about Country and Blues. Our main strength would be us as a songwriting team. When we're on stage we connect and play as one.


I first met Neen at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in NSW, Australia. Neen had come 4000km from WA to perform at the festival. We had an instant connection and began writing and playing together. Our common love of the country and music has kept us together ever since. We have written many songs together and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.


All of My Life

Written By: Manuel Fernandes



All of my life, I’ve stood in the darkness. Waitin’ for that light to shine down on me.
And it cuts like a knife, not knowin’ when that will be. Not knowin’ if I’ll ever see, that day when it comes.

Do you remember what it’s like to stand in the night. With the one that you love, only stars up above. Not so long ago I recall, something like this.


Oh how I miss her smile and how we kissed that day back when we were young, not a care in the world. We were both meant to be.

Verse III
Well she left my heart and she left my soul, Tore it apart, yeah, out of control, oh how was I to know, oh how was I to know
That love can die and even though we try, nothing, no nothing lasts, nothing lasts forever. For_____ever

©Copyright 2005 Hepcat Sounds All Rights Reserved

Need To Shine

Written By: Manuel Fernandes


If you need to shine, but you don’t know where to start
All you gotta do is close your eyes, look with your heart


Well I got no money and I’m feelin’ kinda low
Will I ever find her, well I don’t know
Guess I’ll just wait and see if love will rescue me



Well you think you’re outta luck, but who’s the fool
To believe in fate ain’t the crime, but if you sit back for too long
The chance will pass you by. Don’t look now, it’s time to die.


Set List

Original Songs Set List

1) All Of My Life
2) Need To Shine
3) Runnin' Away
4) Dreamin'
5) Look At Yourself
6) Just Tryin' To Fit In
7) Meaning To Say
8) Nothin' At All
9) Swag Song
10) Lovin' You
11) These Two Hands
12) Searchin Your Faith

Cover Songs Set List

1) Long As I Can See The Light
2) Lodi
3) Stray Cat Strut
4) 20 Flight Rock
5) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
6) Fast As You
7) Take It Easy
8) The Way
9) Bring Me Some Water
10) Wish You Were Here
11) Passionate Kisses
12) Wide Open Spaces