Suspicious Package

Suspicious Package


An electro-hop girl group duo straight outta a basement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Suspicious Package combines rump-shaking beats & catchy hooks with comedic lyrics and feel-good dance music. The astromomical energy and fierce choreography at their live performances shock and delight the audience.


Once upon a time, two star-crossed best friends were born in Manhattan and Massachusettes, respectively. They both loved pink unicorns, Michael Jackson and games of imagination (they were only children). The young Prince$$ Emilia explored the depths of alternative downtown NYC theater while growing up and became a burlesque star in New York City at a tender young (and possibly illegal) age, while Flashpants found herself singing at Lincoln Center and around the world and sweeping the musical theater stage. When the two finally and inevitably collided, at Oberlin College in Ohio while studying music and environmentalism, the stardust explosion lead to brilliance for them and those around them: to projects such as the notorious guerilla street theater surprise showchoir around campus, and the spread of burlesque in their small section of Ohio. After graduating, they decided to move their acclaimed dancing, performing and singing to Brooklyn together and turned their basement apartment into a dance, music & costume studio.

Soon, they were sweeping the stages of NYC burlesque, from The Slipper Room to Lucky Cheng's, and leaving standing ovations in their wake. Their Global Warming Burlesque Show at Rockstar Bar was picked up for a run at Pratt Manhattan Gallery. With the help of music genius friends - with pedigrees from Oberlin, Eastman, and interactive studios Fluid and Crush & Lovely - they sharpened their midi-writing skills and collaborated with cross genre composers and producers - from classical to hip hop. The result is a unique combination of high-energy songs, spanning genres from experimental electro to hard rock, that each has its own journey through a highly polished dance and stage performance. There has never been a performance where at least one audience member does not claim to have seen the best thing that has ever happened in their life.

See them in action at:

Venues in NYC & Brooklyn:
The L Music Festival (Jack the Pelican Gallery), Glasslands, Hugs, Bowery Electric, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Hugs, The Baggott Inn, Rockstar Bar, The Slipper Room, Galapagos, Bowery Poetry Club, Rififi/Cinema Classics, Royal Oak, Kings County, Bar On A, Coney Island USA, Rockstar Bar, Lucky Cheng's

Venues in Santa Fe, New Mexico:
Wise Fool New Mexico (2009 "Best Of Santa Fe" winner), Corazon, El Museo Cultural, Fusion, Tin Star Saloon


All tracks released free online, streaming at and

Set List

Set Can Include Between 1 - 6 Songs (from 5 min - 40 min):
1. Suspicious Package Theme Song
2. Spit On It
3. Denim Love Song
4. School Marm Face, Sexual Body
5. New Media Shelf
6. Over The Top

songs streaming at

- Barracuda by Heart
- Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team
- Loose by Spank Rock