Susurrus Station

Susurrus Station

 Klickitat, Washington, USA

"J. Breeden and Sara (Johanne) of Susurrus Station have found a way of harmoniously combining the experimental vibe of the Mars Volta with the retro-rock sound of the Raconteurs. But wait, up pops urban Greek folk music and moody vocals you’d expect from Nick Cave. Breeden and Dyberg bring to the table a phenomenal display of culture and expansive instrumental talent that makes Susurrus Station and its songs almost mind-boggling." —Magnet


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Nettles' nest

Written By: Jason Breeden

Trees will weep
& the hills will bough
for the one that swings
under the prow
We're left around
to make the best
of what we've found

Take the credit
for the drivel I've sent
Gravity is the harbinger
of the misspent
I fell through the roof
We're all a little aloof
Nettles nest for the bored

Literal Drift

Written By: Jason Breeden

Canaries on the coal line,
sky pilots with a hothouse for a ride
I tousled my lashes
in anachronistic reactions
And strode out into the tremulous night

And the rails unfurled so we can’t have all the world

After the couvre-feu,
off through southernwood & juniper
Peripatetic, caught on fenders
wore the bearings in dendritic benders
The neighbours are suspicious
& their worn out parts are surrounded by fences
The cliffs are brittle
& the clouds are continental

Top-Down Town

Written By: Jason Breeden

stumbling along the trail of a gamboling sun
a hazy silhouette incites him to run
seduced by the color of a wintertime plum
where the limits dissolve as easily as they come

reason was hollowed, bludgeoned in his name
while he clung to the dudgeon of a casuist escape
a Garrison mire in a 3 gorge parade
obsession will survive in epigonic fame

sitting in the middle aisle of an aeroplane
the fervor that was advertised wasn’t ever meant to be obtained

out on the frontier, growing tired of the human form
the tensions are lacklustre in the saltpeter storm
the jury of his peers is unlikely to be torn
reveling in crimes that are much more informed

along the arroyo her footprints were compliled
with the vice of the unsated in dormant knowing smiles
the view from the oubliette, the cracks in the tiles
the low ground is fecund but it’s the sky that holds the Nile


O.K. Carousal - 2005
(1, 2) Unbuckle the Blue - 2006
Tinhorn Forlorn - ep 2006
Add a Day Going West - 2009
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