Suthern Com4ort
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Suthern Com4ort

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | INDIE

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Suthern Com4ort Reppin' (803)"

Being a DJ in a small city in a small state, I keep my ear to the street for new talent. It's pretty easy to do because local artists are something that Columbia has plenty of. Few are as talented as they would like to believe, but Suthern Com4ort seems to be the exception to the rule. B. Phatz and Rosewood represent the Palmetto state to the fullest on their first project as a duo, The Takeover Mixtape.

Their content is some of the usual but their delivery is unique, it's been awhile since I've heard a pair of MCs that complement each other so well. Both Phatz and Rosewood hold their own on the mic, and guest appearances by Sean Gates, Chill da Million Dollar Man, and Redrum are some of this mixtape's standout cuts. However, the Takeover seems more like a standoff at times, being about 19 tracks in length. All in all, a strong debut for some talented cats representing (803), their next project should be very interesting. - DJ Gee Money

"The Takeover? It Just Might Be"

To this professional music critic and part-time hip-hopper, the demise of the duo in rap music was a terrible thing to behold. Let's face it, nowadays we're down to Outkast, 8Ball & MJG, The Clipse, and that's about it as far as mainstream goes. Underground, I've heard the talent (or lackthereof) of quite a few and Suthern Com4ort's first release is definitely on my "talented" list.

The Takeover mixtape presented by newcomers Ambition Entertainment and Survival Records is the introduction of a pair of lyricists representing the state of South Carolina. Yeah, you read right, South Carolina. It's about time, isn't it? And I said "lyricists" instead of "rappers" because these guys can actually rap. Both of them. B. Phatz and Rosewood are the two halves of Suthern Com4ort, and on this, their first effort, they have caused this listener to hit repeat a few times. Weighing in at 19 tracks (some too short, still too many), most of the beats on The Takeover are industry faves, the rest are produced by the talented Survival Records camp out of Tampa, Florida.

While a little redundant at times, this mixtape is a solid reintroduction to lyricism by two MCs that sound like they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. A lack of chemistry has broken up many acts from rap to rock, but that doesn't sound like a problem for Suthern Com4ort. With a little more range on their next project, the rap game just may have to lay it down. - Doug Daniels


In A Minute Mixtape: Volume 1---2005
Time's Up Mixtape: Volume 2---2005
Ambition and Drive (full-length album)---2005
The Takeover Mixtape- 2006
The P.Y.T's Mixtape (unreleased)
Past Due Mixtape---Coming Soon
Suthern Com4ort's debut album " Blue Magic " will be released in 2010



Certain things in life are meant to be. Rosewood and B. Phatz met in high school in the mid 90's and have been close friends ever since but didn't start recording together until 2005. They were both working on solo projects at Survival Records in Tampa, Florida when they decided to pool their talent and give the rap game the diversity it's been lacking. There are very few solid duos in hip hop, even less with the range that these two artists possess. That range is just one of the reasons why they are in a league with few contenders, why they sound like and have a style like no others.