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"Disc News - Music Notes and Reviews (June 2004)"

SUTURE SEVEN "SUTURE SEVEN" (Sarx Records) From the shadows of Three Mile Island, Harrisburg industrial/gothic rockers Suture Seven have been a work in progress. Their first two albums, 1999's "Aversion" and 2002's "A Stitch to Mark the Wound", were experimental and abstract in nature, and required several listens to fully grasp the group's vision and concept. Suture Seven's self-titled third album, though, is the group's most focused and accessible effort to date. The album's eleven songs (plus bonus track) are more direct and to the point, and the melodies' connections are more immediate. Yet Suture Seven -singer/guitarist Michael Zucker, guitarist/programmer Elton Nestler, guitarist Gregory Marshall, bassist Amber Ortega and drummer Jamie Gibson - sacrifice none of their musical adventurism in the process of streamlining their sound; if anything, they have brought it more into focus. The group still experiments with varying textures of electronica and digital effects, layering of voices and guitar flavors, percussion styles and more. A number of songs here fuse dance floor electronica with a grinding, distortion-laden metallic edge. But Suture Seven’s effective use of varying textures, tones, sudden breaks and plot twists prevent songs like "Apparatus of Demise," "Exsanguinate," "Forever," "Suffice," "Echoed" and "Macrocosm" from being predictable, repetitive or routine. The group explores more shadowy, less abrasive textures on "Fractured," "Cold" and "Resistance;" dabbles in Lizard King-styled psychedelic poetry on "Salvation on Spiders Legs," and conjure an neo-Addams Family-flavored gothic soundscape on "Wither." Suture Seven lives on the dark side, with Michael Zucker's often twisted, distorted and angst-ridden vocals examining themes of pain and betrayal, broken souls, appeasement of personal demons and more. On their self-titled album, Suture Seven has arrived, further defining their own unique cyber-geared domain, and demonstrating their mastery of it. This is their strongest set thus far, and could be the album that elevates them from techno-rock curiosity to a wider audience and appeal. (For more information, visit the group’s web site, - By Jim Price, for The Mirroe - The Altoona Mirror

"Review of the latest SUTURE SEVEN release"

SUTURE SEVEN have outdone themselves with their latest self-titled release. This album almost seems to have no affiliation or connection to any of their previously released albums - "Aversion" and "A Stitch To Mark The Wound"." Perhaps with more experience, time and fresh new influences of a brand new lineup, SUTURE SEVEN have metamorphosed into an all around better band. Their sound has evolved into an outstanding cutting edge industrial-pop-dance-goth blend with dark and intelligent lyrics (almost like poetry). I'm impressed by the production quality on this album in comparison to their past albums - the vocals are crisp and clear, the instrumentation has been perfected (especially in the "electronic" department) and it's overall an amazing album. I'm sure! all SUTURE SEVEN fans will be ecstatic to pick a copy of this album up, it's sure to also please those that like the electro-goth style of music. This album runs along the lines of bands like Carbon 9, Encounter Box, Bella Morte (to some extent), Flesh Fair, Intricate Unit, BabyDoll Johnson, Liquid Sex Decay etc. Rating: 10+/10 - By Wednesday Elektra - Space Junkies Magazine


"aversion" 1999
"a stitch to mark the wound" 2002
"" 2004



Suture.Seven was formed in 1998 by Elton Nestler (former guitarist/programmer for the band Advent Sleep) and Jamie Gibson. The band has released three CDÕs, the latest, released in januaryÔ04, is a self-titled album that has been described as ÒThe Smashing Pumpkins meet White ZombieÓ. Suture.Seven has charted on college and commercial radio stations both domestically and internationally. The band has also been featured on several compilations, as well as independent film soundtracks.
Suture.Seven has always put an emphasis on itÕs intense and energetic live show. From CBGBÕs to the Velvet Lounge Suture.Seven has delighted crowds in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Harrisburg, and the East Coast. This has created a large following of fans and the respect of several other bands in this genre. Each member of the band is a seasoned professional who firmly believes that a successful live show is made up of high energy, great music, active promotion and visual stimulation.