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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band R&B Pop


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Chennai: The tomboy that she was, the teenaged Suvi Suresh never imagined that her life would change overnight when she auditioned for a voice hunt in 2004. Heralding the rise of independent music in the city all those years ago, S5 happened and there was no turning back for the gifted vocalist.

A decade on, she has shed her bubbly, pop image and is now one of California’s most glamorous, rising performers. Suvi attributes her career to winning a full ride scholarship (all expenses covered) at the prestigious Musicians Institute where she met musicians from across the globe. So, is she coming back now?

“My heart is always in Chennai. That’s the place where everything began and my journey doesn’t get completed if I don’t bring it back home. I’m always open to playback singing; in fact, I sang for Rahman sir in Highway when I visited recently. I haven’t forgotten Tamil or Malayalam or Hindi, haha! My music is getting the attention of industry heads from various labels in the U.S, but I want to sign with those who share my vision. My vision is to break out Indian artists on a world platform,” Suvi says.

After S5, she moved on to collaborate with the band, Soulsonic, while also singing playback with composers like A.R. Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Even with such highs, Suvi says she wanted more.

“It was all about stepping out of that comfort zone and doing what you are really passionate about, which, in my case, was writing music and communicating to the world through it. After graduating from Musicians Institute, I played with musicians from Sweden, Korea and India — a unique mix of talents.”

Gigs around the country followed and Suvi’s image hit the big time, the success leading to her EP, Made of Gold, a soulful R & B record.

“My then band and I had written those songs together. That EP helped me find producers who were interested in collaborating with me — these guys have written music for Robin Thicke, Madonna, Mary J. Bilge, etc. When I met them, I had a song on my journey and standing up for what is not right in our present society; how a population like ours can make a change if we set our minds to it. I took a break from performing live as I went into the studio with Storm, Devin Parker, Eric Jackson, Swagga Bob and the Drop. Music has no boundaries or language barriers," she ends.” she ends. - Deccan Chronicle

Material: Groove Martini is not your typical cover band. It is made unique by two incredible female lead vocalists, Suresh and Almas, who are able to cover artists like Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson to near perfection. The end result is an old-fashioned- style revue show. At times the band’s covers are arguably better than the originals. Not only does Groove Martini perform album-accurate covers, but they also take full advantage of their 10-member band and create a daring, high-energy performance.

Musicianship: An example of this experimentation is their rendition of Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” The band takes advantage of the jam-worthiness of the tune by incorporating extensive solos from each member of their horn section. Valerino, Shackelford and Hurd are best utilized during the band’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” where Goh has fun with the funky rhythm. Keeping true to the spirit of the originals, Ramirez sports a voice modulator during Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.,” doing Quincy Jones proud. Nazar and Clark complement each other nicely; Nazar makes good use of cabasa throughout.

Performance: Suresh had issues being heard in the mix for the first few songs, but this was eventually resolved. Almas got spotlighted on songs like Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s,” with a perfect bluesy growl. While Suresh is also a strong vocalist she really made heads turn with her solid rapping on songs like “Bang Bang” (Nicki Minaj) and “Lady Marmalade” (Lil’ Kim). Their cover of Mariah Carey’s “Make It Happen” had a great bass groove from Nair that kept the energy up, but may have been taken at too fast a tempo as Suresh and Almas seemed to struggle to keep up. Suresh had a sense of humor about the situation by saying, “Thank you! We made it happen!”

Summary: Groove Martini struggled at points to get everyone heard in the mix and could work on their dynamics to come down more for the vocal and instrumental sections. This may also help keep the band more in sync as they seem to be challenged by the uptempo songs in their set. Regardless, the band is quite polished, put on a fun, high-energy performance and know how to keep their audience engaged.

The Players: Suvi Suresh, vocals; Aiym Almas, vocals; Lemuel Clark, drummer; Zach Nazar, percussion; Leo Goh, guitar; Nipun Nair, bass; Avelino Ramirez, keyboard; Brandon Valerino, saxophone, flute; Sean Shackelford, trombone; Tristan Hurd, trumpet. - Music Connection

Composer: AR Rahman
Singers: Sultan Nooran, Jyoti Nooran, AR Rahman, Jonita Gandhi, Kash, Krissy, Suvi Suresh, Zeb Bangash, Alia Bhatt, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Shweta Pandit; Rating: ****

Alia Bhatt-Randeep Hooda-starrer Highway, a romantic drama directed by Imtiaz Ali, boasts of nine tracks. The songs show Rahman's efforts at once again creating something enthralling.

It starts on a very soothing note with Patakha Guddi. Sung by the Nooran sisters - Sultan and Jyoti - the Sufi number is soulful. The song will make you feel free-spirited.

Sung by music maestro Rahman, Maahi Ve comes next. A love ballad, it has simple yet expressive lyrics mixed with Rahman's voice. This one will surely give you the chills.

Kahaan Hoon Main, sung by Jonita Gandhi, is a situational track. The touching number might make the listener question about what one is doing and what one really wants to do.

The fourth one is Wanna Mash Up? by Kash, Krissy and Suvi Suresh. This one is very urban and will connect with youth. It is not one of those fast tracks but has the ability to grow on the listener.

Next up is Alia and Zeb Bangash's Sooha Saaha. A very melodious lullaby, it will remind you of your mother. Alia's efforts are commendable.

What follows is Rahman's version of Patakha Guddi. The first track and this one are completely different. While the first one is earthy, this one has a Western feel. Though Rahman's voice creates magic, the effect is not the same.

Implosive Silence is next. Crooned by Jonita Gandhi, the song hits the right chord.

Sunidhi's Tu Kuja is placed eighth and will remind you of O Paalanhare from Lagaan. Though a devotional number, Chauhan's voice mixed with the music creates a very Western effect.

Heera wraps up the album. The song is comforting and melodious thanks to Shweta Pandit's voice and wonderful music.

All in all, the songs of Highway will take music lovers to a different level - it's very powerful and magical. - Hindustan Times

Suvi is a hard working, educated artist that comes from India. She decided to give an in-depth interview on her experiences being from India and her rise to who she is today. She turned her win on American Idol India into a budding singing career. Check out her thoughts and experiences below:
India, a country with a population of 1.3 billion people, a land with an architectural and artistic history that’s beyond any other in the world is a nation with no representation that is a voice to its people in the recent times. We have no Michael Jackson, no Beyonce or no Beatles.

The Arts and Culture that is inherent to Indians are immense yet being an Artist is looked down upon because of its misrepresentation. All the art that exists in India is restricted to Bollywood, which I have great respect for as well because I was also a part of this before I moved to the US to pursue my dreams in 2011. But unless you are a stereotypical doctor, engineer or a lawyer one considers unsuccessful. Therefore a story that entails an artist has to be motivating and inspirational for the young and wild in India to aspire to become one and this stigma has to change.

A brief history of me….. I was studying to become a biotechnologist. Life took a dramatic turn when I ended up auditioning for The American Idol equivalent in South India called Voice Hunt which landed on my lap and I won amidst 6000 contestants. Before I knew it I was on a recording deal with Sony Music India at the age of 18 as part of a band called S5. While still in college pursuing my degree I recorded, toured and made public appearances to keep up with this newly attained persona.

After college, I transitioned easily into being a Playback singer for the movies. After 3 years of being in this industry which didn’t enable my creativity one bit because the Music director writes the music and a lyricist writes your lyrics and all I had to do was sing the song which was then shot for the movie with an actress lip syncing to my voice. I felt like my creativity was boxed up and this led me to search for a way to expand my creativity.

With a bachelors degree in Biotech. and about 100 songs to my credit including a repertoire with A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) I decided to uproot myself from my comfort zone and move to America cause I knew deep inside that I had a bigger purpose than be a voice without a face.

Within 6 months of making this decision I won a Fullride scholarship to go to a music school in Los Angeles on Hollywood blvd. Since then to now after a 7-year struggle (which can be another story altogether for another time) here I am with my song Wonder Woman getting placed on a prime-time show on MTV called The Challenge. - The MVMT

SUVI just had her latest single “Wonder Woman” featured on MTV’s The Challenge, and she is preparing to tour her native country of India. Suvi is starting to see the fruit of her labor come full circle, but it wasn’t always as glamorous as you may think.

Music was not always Suvi’s passion. It fell into her lap, but I’ll get into that in a little bit. She was studying to become a biotechnologist, but life, as we all know, took a drastic turn. She would end up auditioning for a show called “Voice Hunt,” which was India’s version of American Idol. Suvi would go on to winning the competition beating out 6000 other contestants. Before she knew it, she was being signed by Sony’s division in India.

As a teenager and after winning the Voice Hunt, a band called “S5” was formed that was signed to Sony Music India. The group had some success while in India. They were able to go on tour and in essence launched almost every single members’ career.

The only problem was in India even until a few years ago there wasn’t a platform that allowed independent artists to showcase their talent. This was all happening while she was still in college. After Suvi finished college, she became a playback singer. What is a playback singer you may ask? A playback singer is someone that sing songs that are pre-recorded for a film as a part of the soundtrack for actors or actresses as they lip-sync for the cameras. The actual singer does not appear in the film or on television. This is a very popular Bollywood culture.

After spending some years in the music industry as a playback singer, Suvi decided to search for opportunities that would allow her to expand her creativity. By this time in her life, Suvi had successfully obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotech and had approximately 100 songs to her credit in various Indian language, including a few with A.R. Rahman who is a multiple Academy Award winner and has composed music for numerous film soundtracks, but he is most notable for his work on Slumdog Millionaire. - The Hype Magazine


1. SUVI - Cruel Intentions - 3:30
2. SUVI - Wondern Woman - 3:57
3. SUVI - Follow Me - 2:02
4. SUVI - Touch Me Not - 3:06



Suvi started writing music from a young age, but professionally honed her writing and vocal skills after moving to Los Angeles, California. Besides writing all of her original music, she has also penned songs for other up and coming artists in the US, UK, and South Korea. The passion of her writing process is apparent from the unique sound of her originals. Her singles, released in 2018, portrays her cool amalgamation of cultures. 

Suvi popularly known as Suvi Suresh in India has sung for over a 100 Indian films in multiple local languages including, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kanada. She started working in the Indian music industry as a playback singer in 2008, and ever since, she has worked with renowned Indian composers such as A.R Rahman, Illayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and many more. 

Besides singing, songwriting, and performing live, Suvi is also a DJ with a flare for Neo Soul, Urban R&B, Electronic, and Pop genres. She has been DJing for about a year and has already performed at really popular venues around Los Angeles, California including Pour Vous, Resident DTLA, and Grafton On Sunset.

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