True to the traditions of Fado,Suzana's exceptional voice effortlessly expresses the powerful emotions that are the essence of Fado music.Performing original material and timeless classics,Suzana takes the listener on a magical journey through Portugal's richest cultural tradition:the Fado.


Born in Lisbon at the heart of a traditional Portuguese family, Suzana showed a passion for music from a very early age. Influences from her grandmother - herself a Fado singer – and her traditional upbringing combined to give birth to Suzana’s passion for Fado music.

Inspired by great Fado Divas such as Amalia Rodrigues and Teresa Noronha, Suzana gained experience as a Fado singer, performing in Fado Houses and Festivals. Her constant progress and determination finally culminated in her selection for the most notorious Fado Festival in Portugal: The “Grande Noite Do Fado De Lisboa” 1998. She proudly took 1st place after a unanimous vote from the Jury.

Following her recognition as an exceptional Fado singer, Suzana went on to work in several musical television programmes, where she gained further experience and notoriety as a vocalist.

In 2003, a fruitful collaboration between Suzana and her husband Marco Quelhas was released under the name “Duas Luas”. This new and original project presented an interesting crossover between traditional Portuguese music and modern pop. A successful tour followed the release of the album.

In the meantime, Suzana was also busy carefully preparing her first solo Fado release. The album “Anel de Fogo” was released in early 2005 and is now licensed in several European, African and Asian countries. An American release is also imminent.

Suzana's extensive television experience has also been instrumental in the awakening of a new passion for Suzana: Acting. She has appeared as an actress in musicals on Portuguese television.

This keen interest is reflected in her musical performances. Whenever possible, Suzana likes to use sets and props onstage, adding an element of drama to her “Live production”. Her “theatrical” physical presence also adds to the effect.

The time has now come for Suzana’s exceptional talent to be presented to the world. She will be represented at MIDEM 2006 by "Sete Vidas Produções Musicais and will be embarking on her European Tour in the spring of 2007.


Balada de Outono / Autumn Balad

Written By: Zeca Afonso


Àguas e pedras do rio
Meu sono Vazio
Não vão acordar
Àguas das fontes calai
Ó ribeira chorai
Que eu não volto a cantar

Rios que vão dar ao mar
Deixem meus olhos secar
Águas das fontes calai
Ó ribeiras chorai
Que eu não volto a cantar

Àguas do rio correndo
Poentes morrendo
P’ras bandas do mar
Àguas das fontes calai
Ò ribeiras chorai
Que eu não volto a cantar


Waters and stones of the river
My empty dream
They will not awaken
Water of the springs, be quiet
Oh Rivers, shed a tear
I will never sing again

Rivers that go to the Sea
Leave my eyes to dry
Water of the springs, be quiet
Oh Rivers, shed a tear
I will never sing again

Waters of the river running
Directions dying
By the shores of the sea
Water of the springs, be quiet
Oh Rivers, shed a tear
I will never sing again

Promessa Perdida / The Lost Dream

Written By: Marco Quelha / Amr Ismail


Procuro, o meu amado
Preciso, do seu abraço apertado

Desejo o pecado
Fugir num beijo, doido apaixonado

É a sede, é o feitiço que vive
É o luar, o silêncio no fim
É a saudade eterna de amar
Meu amor volta pr’a mim

Promessa que perdi
É paz, é dor que aprendi

Na tua boca, que adoro
Fico louca,é de ti por quem choro

És o destino, que tenho perdido
Por ti meu amor
Eu tenho sofrido


I am searching, for my Beloved
I am longing, for his embrace

Desire, like a Sin
Escaping, with a kissof Madness, Passion and Bliss

It is a thirst, a living spell
The moonlight, the silence that fell
Eternal yearning, the regrets burn
Hoping my Love will return

The Promise I have lost
In peace… in pain
I have learnt at such a cost

For your lips that I adore
My mind slips for you, my tears implore

It is Destiny I have misled
For you, my Love
My heart has bled

Saudades / Nostalgia

Written By: Florbela Espanca / Marco Quelhas


Saudades! Sim... talvez... e porque não
Se o nosso sonho foi tão alto e forte
Que bem pensara vê-lo até à morte
Deslumbrar-me de luz o coração

Esquecer! Para quê? ...Ah, como é vão!
Que tudo isso Amor, nos não importe
Se ele deixou beleza que conforte
Deve-nos ser sagrado como o pão.

Quantas vezes amor já me esqueci,
Para mais doidamente me te lembrar
Mais doidamente me lembrar de ti!

E quem dera que fosse sempre assim:
Quanto menos quisesse recordar
Mais a saudade andasse presa a mim.


Nostalgia! Yes… Maybe… And why not?
If our dream was so high and strong
That we thought we would see it till the end
Overcome my heart with light

Forget! Why? … ah, how vain
All this, my love, does not matter
If he left a beauty that comforts us
We must respect it like holy bread

How many times, my love, have I forgotten you
Only to madly remind you
Only to madly remember you

If only it was always so:
When least I want to remember
Of nostalgia, the more I am prisoner


Written By: Lourenço Barbosa Capiba

From Sao Pedro de Luanda
They brought me here
Le, Calunga, Calunga
They brought me here
Le, Calunga, Calunga
They brought me here

My mother cried Calunga
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

And I sang Calunga
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!


Le, Calunga

Um Amor Antigo / An Ancient Love

Written By: Francisco Nicholson/José Cabeleira

Ancient Love
Of you I dream
With your body blazing
Half naked

And I kiss your mouth, nearly crazed
I whisper O my Love
But it is not you

Eternal Love
Sensuous tenderness
You made me a woman
At the time that it was

Ai! How I long for that old pain
As today, memories hurt so much more

Time is unforgiving, it flies, it flies
And once its past, its gone for good
But there will always come a time of pain
When the mirror shows what time has done

I loved you madly, so long ago
Oh my ancient love, I miss it so
I miss the time when we made love
The time you gave me eternity

Anel de Fogo / Ring of Fire

Written By: Suzana/Marco Quelhas

Dance in my
Ring of Fire
Let it burn your soul
That is in Heaven

Secret temptation
Confess your heart
You and I
The two of us
Covered in a veil

More than I desire
Sweet saliva
A live waterfall

Intimate kiss
More than I desire
In the fire of my ring

Your love is blind
In my body, I do not deny
In your eyes, willing
In my mouth, longing

In the fire of my ring


2002- Single CD- "O Mais Doce Pecado"
2003- CD Album- "Duas Luas"
2005- CD Album- "Anel De Fogo"

Two tracks from Suzana's album "Anel De Fogo" have made it to Radio Top 10 Slots:
"Balada de Outono" - Number 5- Top Radio ARA-Luxembourg
"Calunga" - Number 3- Top Radio ARA-Luxembourg

Set List

The current "LIve" set consists of all 9 tracks from Suzana's latest effort.
The current set length is approximately 45 minutes but can be altered according to requirements.