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Band Country Americana


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LP A Few More Days



On A FEW MORE DAYS, hear the intriguing new voice of SUZANNAH ESPIE, a voice that is at once as smooth as a Southern Belle's taunt and as strong as a front bar fist.

Some may have heard of Suzannah Esppie as one of the three-part harmonisers from country-rock outfit GIT. The Gitgals recorded several successful albums earlier in the naughties, including the centrepiece FLOWERS, amd a collaboration with US guitar legend Bill Kirchen on SATELLITE. GIT were festival favourites in Australia and toured several times in the US where, for one South-by-Southwest in particular, the band was the toast of Texas.

Now, SUZANNAH ESPIE has emerged as an astounding singer and songwriter in her own right. Her performances are mesmerising: you are lulled by a softness in her voice and then punched in the nose with its sassy strentgh. And the songs themselves are also strong. Suzannah has credits on the sountrack to the film LOOK BOTH WAYS and the TV show LAST MAN STANDING. Alongside her band THE LAST WORD, Suzannah's songs have acquired both the grittiness of the inner-city and the openness of country Australia.

"On a Few More Days (her) voice is a real surprise. (She sounds) like a white soul singer." Inpress Magazine

"Suzannah's songs are the standouts. Just check out "I Don't Know if You're the One" - a stunning piece of work" - Jeff Jenkins, Triple R

"It's not easy to deliver such traditional, cry-into-your-beer type stuff with enough personality to prevent it from sounding stale and awkward. Thanks to Espie's golden tonsils, A Few More Days pulls it off, gracefully bridging the span between a rural Tennessee beer barn and a Melbourne pub." Rhythms Magazine

"Suzannah Espie has proved beyond a doubt at ther album launch...that she's got one hell of a voice and she's not afraid to use it. Ranging from gentle ballads to flat-out soul belters that blew the lid off the joint. Suzannah and her band, the awesomely talented, tight and just right Last Word turned on one of the gigs of the year!" Cheap Thrills Magazine

"The live takes errupting with vitality, Espie's voice swings between commanding and tender as she stamps her identity on a selection of covers and originals" Inpress Magazine