Suzanna Reeves

Suzanna Reeves

 Ontario, California, USA

Sounds like Enya or Loreena KcKennitt mixed with drums and electronic orchestration, and an occasional Paul Schwartz soprano sailing lyrically over the harmony. Ambient film, game, or project soundtrack music.


My name is Suzanna Reeves and I am a composer and musician specializing in ambient, atmosphere, background music or music beds (music behind voice-overs.) My music has been likened to Enya or Loreena McKennitt, depending on the song.

My goal is to use modern technology to express my musical ideas, songs, or other recordings for listening enjoyment and inspiration. Listeners have often said that my music has epic flair and can easily be used in film, audio shows, podcasts, and more.

A live performance of my ambient music would be perfect for coffee shop settings.


Suzanna Reeves: Lake of Sky 2000
Suzanna Reeves: Cielie 2006
Suzanna Reeves: The Five Elements (2010 in progress)

Set List

An evening of solo piano and ambient music for relaxation and inspiration.