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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Track of Day!"

Scavenger - Track of Day July 22 2007 on -

"Track of Day!"

Ex Girlfriends - Track of Day July 21 2007 on -


Suzanne's songs have been on the following MTV show: Tiara Girls, My Own, Parental Control, Two A Days, Next and Dismissed. - MTV


Still working on that hot first release.



Rock bands will always have their problems, drugs, girls, catching a break, and let's not forget the egos. Suzanne on the other hand encompasses everything a rock band would want, fans, talent, catchy tunes, play on MTV shows, local radio support and e-buzz on the web. As odd as it may sound the only problem is distance; Suzanne's band members never see each other.

The genius of Suzanne came from Michael Kenneth (Guitar) writing and recording scores of songs in his shoebox apartment in New York City. Three long distance phone calls later Suzanne was born. Kelly Weeks (Vocal/Guitar) inspired by the Seattle Grunge scene, he plays in four different bands in Minneapolis. Joe Warner (Bass) hooked up with Michael and Kelly in High School where they performed in show choir ensemble together. Julian Morelli (Drums) born in Stockholm, son of an Argentine diplomat learned American rock n' roll in Jakarta, Indonesia. He met Michael while studying music in Boston where he currently gigs and teaches music full time.

Despite residing in three different cities, the band takes advantage of broadband connections, recording their tracks separately and sending them back and forth via the Internet. One song might travel 100,000 miles before being completed.

The band members finally met at BeatStreet studios in New York City for vocal overdubs to make sure they had chemistry. They did! With the successful completion of recording songs via the internet and the explosive charisma upon meeting for the first time, Michael shopped around until he came across a music supervisor at MTV who loved the band and used those recording in various shows. After the great news Suzanne recorded 10 more songs and signed yet another deal with MTV. Subsequently gaining the support of MTV, Suzanne soon begin to receive thousands of fans and several thousand plays on their Myspace page, as well as local and internet radio play.

Suzanne is a classic fairy tale told in a modern day rock setting. High school friends get together joined by an addiction to rock n' roll; travel their separate paths and reunite years later to form a virtual rock band. Their songs share the loneliness and frustration brought on by the miles between them trumped by patience and hope. Passion that existed in early rock n' roll continues to fuel Suzanne in a digital age. It's amazing how one simple click can ignite these emotions and connect millions of people around the world.

Problems and behind the scenes stories aside, distance is the surprising element that brings this band and its fans closer together.