Suzanne Grzanna

Suzanne Grzanna

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

We love to perform funky jazz, standard tunes and sultry vocals. Suzanne doubles on saxophone and vocals with additional players. Piano, bass, drums, guitar, percussion are some of the other type of instruments. We adapt to the crowd and have the most talented musicians. We love all gigs!


From New York – Paris – Japan – Russia – Los Angeles – Chicago, Suzanne Grzanna has made a prominent world wide name for herself. She has performed at prestigious halls such as the Blue Note, Birdland, Preservation Hall, Cinegrill, and the Hollywood Bowl. Suzanne has had such sit-ins with players such as Frank Morgan, Dave Hazeltine, Bryan Lynch, Betty Carter, Ray Brown Jr., Charles McPherson, John Hurd, and Jeff Goldblum to name a few. Her unique talent of not only being a dazzling saxophonist but also a sultry vocalist…can make you melt in your seat.

The sound of Grzanna Jazz is somewhat a hybrid of classic jazz, pop standards, original compositions, and funky tunes all clearly influenced by Suzanne’s unique and contemporary style. She has released five CD’s in the last decade, with a few more coming out soon. Her music has won rave reviews from both the critics and her fans. Says the Pasadena Weekly, “Her smoky voice and skillful sax set her apart from many other jazz performers, both those of her own age and beyond.”

Suzanne Grzanna began her jazz career at age five when she studied piano. She grew up in a small suburb of Milwaukee, WI and flourished in music from the beginning. Her parents, Don and Maureen Grzanna, are notable musicians who taught her the discipline of the craft. Throughout her childhood, Suzanne won various awards not only in jazz, but also in classical music. Ms. Grzanna even participated in the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus starting at the age of eighteen. Suzanne attended Wisconsin Lutheran College for a few years and proceeded to graduate from Carroll College.

In 1994, Suzanne Grzanna released her first album titled “The Cat’s Meow.” This put her on the map and gave her the opportunities to perform around the United States. Her video “The Cat’s Meow,” also got rave reviews on BET on Jazz. This introduced her not only to the US, but also to the world. Soon afterward, Ms. Grzanna released her next album titled “Fly Me to the Moon.” This album got the attention of Billboard Magazine, which wrote a fabulous review. The offers of releasing an album overseas came from such countries as Japan, Brazil, and South East Asia to name a few. Not only did Suzanne get attention from record labels, but the film community started to take notice. Suzanne was involved in various films with not only her music, but also her persona. In December of 2003, “My Santa Baby” was released followed with “Simply Sunday” in 2006. Suzanne released her new CD titled “Christmas Night” in 2008. Throughout the years she has shown her diversity in music recording of jazz, blues, funk, classical, Christian, rock, Children’s and contemporary music. Suzanne has won various awards from ASCAP, Shepherd Express, Carroll College and Wisconsin Area Music Awards. She also has been featured on the cover of the book “Entertainment Greats from the 1800’s to the Present – Cinema, Music, Divas, Legends” by Dr. Maximillien de Lafayette, an international bestseller, historian and stage producer. “ Ms. Grzanna is one of the best female entertainers in the United States,” according to author Lafayette. World Art Celebrities magazine calls Suzanne Grzanna - Diva of the Year!!

“She’s a stunning saxophonist, with a flair for gorgeous, powerful solos and the energy to drive her band into sweaty bop workouts.” Shepherd Express 2006 Milwaukee, WI

“A dazzling performer to behold, she’s always a crowd pleaser.” Eugene Weekly Eugene, Oregon

“Suzanne Grzanna’s about as close as you can get in this biz to a sure bet.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinal – Milwaukee, WI

It “swings comfortably with clever lyrics and the sax solos showcase Grzanna’s soulful sound and strong tone.” John Gilbert Jazz Critic


"The Cat's Meow" CD
"Fly Me to the Moon" CD
"My Santa Baby" CD
"Simply Sunday" CD
"Christmas Night" CD

Songs on CD's
Stormy Weather
'Little Valentine
The Cat's Meow
A Tribute to Hawkins
Snow City
By the Fireside
Cedar Lodge
A Night in Tunisia
Mystery Man
Blue Seven
Thining of You
All of Me
In a Sentimental Mood
As Time Goes By
Jazz and Me
From My Heart
Mr. P.C.
Fly Me to the Moon
Latin Nights
My Funny Valentine
Tenor Madness
Now's the Time
Always Thinking of You
St. Thomas
Let it Snow
My Santa Baby
By the Fireside
Santa Claus is Coming To Town
Santa's Cheer
Winter Winds
Solid Joy
Jingle Bells
Simply Sunday
My Valentine
Spring Waltz
Cantaloupe Island
Love in the City
Boogie Nights
Love You
Summer Dreams
Follow Your Heart
Living Your Dream
Christmas Night
By the Fireside
Christmas Delight
Snow City
Lovely Winter Love
Frosty the Snowman
Christmas Song
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

Set List

Varies on the performance. From funk music to jazz... the possiblities are endless!