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The best kept secret in music


"The Original Kraemer of Seinfeld"

Kenny Kramer - comic, Seinfeld inspiration and the man who wants to be the next mayor of New York - is planning his first visit to Winnipeg. Consider yourself warned.
"The sooner, the better," says Kramer, 58. "I guess it's a matter of making sure there's interest and getting things organized. That's all it will take and I'll be there. People will never watch Seinfeld the same again after they've seen me."
Kramer and his close friend, local singer Suzanne Mariani, want to put on a benefit show to raise funds for the New York Relief Fund. The comic, who performs at colleges and corporate events, would waive his usual $10,000 (US) performance fee. Tickets would sell for about 10 bucks and, Mariani hopes, entire families could come to the show. She's still trying to work out a promoter, date and venue.
"I had suggested to him that it was about about time he came to Winnipeg," says Mariani, a blonde beauty who is still waiting for her big break in the music biz. Her next local public appearance comes Nov. 22 when she will sing the national anthem at a boxing match being held at the Duckworth Centre.
"We've been friends for so long, so why not come here? We're deep friends. We talk about music. We talk about life alot. Even since Sept. 11 we've talked alot more."
The pair connected two years ago through a mutual friend, says Mariani, and developed a phone friendship. Kramer invited her to stay with him in his New York apartment, she accepted and they've been bosom buddies ever since.
"Kramer walks down the streets in New York and everyone knows him," says Mariani. "The first time I came to New York he met me at the airport. I wasn't really sure what he look like and all of a sudden he jumped in front of me. He really is Kramer. All sorts of people started mobbing him and taking his picture."
Before Kramer can headline a fundraiser in Winnipeg, he's got a mayoralty race to win.
I'm running for mayor of New York," he explains earnestly. "I'm running as a Libertarian. Libertarians believe in liberty. 'Legalize freedom' is our slogan."
Kramer ran for mayor four years ago but admits that was a publicity stunt.
"Our motto is 'this time I'm not kidding."
The comic says he knows who his constituency is.
"If I could get all the pot smokers to vote for me, I'd win in a landslide. The problem is getting them to remember it's election day."
Win or lose, Mariani will be in New York on election day, Nov.6. She'll perform at a party at the Manhattan Chili Company, a restaurant owned by Kramer's brother.
"She'll be there to hold my hand, if it's necessary, when I give my concession speech. She's coming down to support me. I want my favourite vocalist to be there."
Mariani, who has a day job as a sales rep for a beauty supply company, says she wouldn't miss her friend's party for anything.
"He supports me as an artist," she says earnestly. "He encourages me to write my own material. If he wants my support, I'll be there."
And, if all goes well, Kramer will soon be here. Lock your apartment doors.

Winnipeg Free Press - Lindor Reynolds - Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - Winnipeg Free Press

"Music Video"

Up-and-comer rises with sun in Stonewall
A new Much Music video will broadcast a little piece of Stonewall nation-wide.

Early last Saturday morning, Winnipeg recording artist Suzanne Mariani stood in the middle of Murray's Maze - behind her, the perfect Manitoba sunrise.
"Nothing like this has ever happened," said Boonstra. "Especially having Much Music out here - it's a pretty impressive thing, watching them shoot a video out here."
The scene in the maze just east of Stonewall on Highway 67, will be just one of several Manitoba scenes Mariani will be using for her Let's Get Together video.
The song, originally done by the Young Bloods, is being updated by Mariani in dance version.
"There are all kinds of music on my CD," said Mariani, who describes her voice as R & B/Pop. "But Let's Get Together is a really universal song."
A relative new-comer to the music industry, Mariani is working with producer Chris Burke-Gaffney - who has also launched the careers of Chantal Kreviazuk and McMaster and James.
Mariani's 12-song CD should be released in the near future and the video will be premiered on Much Music.
- The Stone Wall Sun

"Singers Success"

Singer's Success Starts on the Inside

Suzanne Mariani's singing voice is like a fine French liqueur.
After savoring the first sip you want more.
Mariani who discovered her bliss six years ago admits that singing did not come naturally.
"I only wanted to sing on key because when I sang with friends, I'd be the one who was off key. So I taught myself, and along the way I developed a love for singing. Since then singing has become my passion," she said.
In 1996 Mariani's devotion paid off. She landed a gig as a choir singer for Celine Dion when the Canadian superstar performed at the Winnipeg arena.
Along the way Mariani has had an active singing career locally. Her many accomplishments include performing the National Anthem for the Blue Bombers and Winnipeg Goldeyes home games as well as performing solos at The Forks and McPhillips Street Station.
Mariani says her friends thought she should sing folk music, but her instincts said otherwise.
"I couldn't express myself singing folk and I didn't enjoy that. When you sing, you have to have an impact on your audience and I wasn't doing that with folk," she said.
"I became a closet R & B singer. I practiced and practiced until I sounded descent enough," she said.
Mariani is currently working with Winnipeg music producer Danny Schure and Chris Burke-Gaffney who is noted for launching Chantal Kreviazuk's career in 1996.
Mariani recently finished recording her first single entitled "Back In My Arms". The Southdale resident describes the song as mainstream.
"When I wrote Back In My Arms the words were generic enough so listeners can relate the song to their own lives," she said.
Mariani has both feet firmly planted in reality concerning the music industry in landing a recording contract with a major label.

"Being successful starts on the inside. Follow that internal passion. Taking that first baby step is the start. That can lead to being successful in reaching your goals on the outside," she said.
Mariani's face may look familiar. She has done a number of television commercials.

The Lance - Thursday, February 17, 2000 - Winnipeg Free Press


CD. release 2000...

artist: Suzanne Mariani
Song #5 Fire


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kramer (Seinfeld Show) says this:
Suzanne Mariani
“A success story about to happen”
she is sexy, classy, raunchy, extremely talented
Signed: Kenny Kramer (the real Kramer)

Joey Reynolds “Talk Show Host” NY, NY
“Sexy, Beautiful, Great Voice”; “She wowed me”
Signed: Joey Reynolds

“Success starts on the inside”. Follow that internal passion.
Taking that first baby step is the start. That can lead to being
successful in reaching your goals on the outside.
Signed: Suzanne Mariani

Suzanne discovered her bliss 8 years ago, and admits that singing did not come naturally.

A self-taught Canadian Artist who developed a passion for singing suddenly discovered her talents took her to the Winnipeg Arena on stage with Celine Dion in 1996.

In 1999 Suzanne performed for over 3000 people in Las Vegas and was more than ready to perform for the Pan American Games in Winnipeg the same year. Victor Davies, songwriter for the Pan Am Games said “Aretha Franklin showed up” when he heard Suzanne audition.

Movies seemed like fun too, so Suzanne ventured to the film industry and met Dan Akroyd in the making of “The Avro Arrow”. Other movies include Marriage of Convenience, The Clown at Midnight, Nights Below Station Street, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, The David Milgaard Story and A Helluva Woman. Suzanne has been in several television commercials and recently accomplished her first music video and now her up and coming production and second CD release she has a special song she co-wrote with 2004 Winnipeg's grammy nominee E.I. Freshie (Rob Wilson).

In New York, Suzanne has performed on the same show with Soupy Sales, Zimmerman of Hogan Heroes, Andrea Roman and many other comedians and actors (Joey Reynolds birthday roast).

In Winnipeg Suzanne has co-written songs with grammy winner I.E. Freshie (Rob Wilson) and Juno Award winning artists.

As Winnipeg's own Diva, Suzanne is most often asked to perform the National Anthem for many professional sporting events, ranging from W.W.E., professional boxing, baseball, football and others. Suzanne Mariani is up in rotaton and has received acceptance from the Air Force Pentagon, Washington. (Armed Forces Entertainment) to perform for USO tour, classic rock and motown cover songs for the American Troops. Although Suzanne's CD is R&B pop she performs Blues, Jazz, Rock and Dance in popular night clubs.