Suzanne McNeil

Suzanne McNeil

 Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

What if, Sheryl Crowe and Peggy Lee had a love child!
It would be Suzanne McNeil.


Suzanne McNeil is a soulful singer with a jazzy folk-rock edge in her songwriting. She has been likened to the pop and rock roots of Sheryl Crow, while her vocal tone is reminiscient of Peggy Lee, Dusty Springfield and Carly Simon. Her warm on-stage charisma has made her a favorite performer in the Boston area.
By day, she is the Program Director and Songwriter of RealKids a music program for children, age 5 and under and their parents, at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA

On October 24,2010 Candescent Records is proud to release Willow, Suzanne McNeil’s second full-length album. Produced by McNeil and her band (Boston’s most notorious roots rock musicians) Willow embraces the image of the willow tree, bending not breaking under high winds, as the songs take the listener on a journey that celebrates the power of the human spirit’s ability to bend.



Written By: S.McNeil/R.Garlin

Sacrifice © McNeil/Garlin

I watch my mama cleaning up at night
Me and my sister’s are tucked in tight
We try to help but she shoos us away
My mothers moppin up another day

Sacrifice ohhh ohhh
Weaving the fabric of our life x2

I thought my mama was from this town
Looks like she just followed her wedding gown
My daddy has about a million friends
Mama makes coffee while he entertains

Late in the kitchen light my daddy holds her tight
I poke my head through the banister
I watch them dance around like their out on the town
He lets her lead he can’t take his eyes of his queen
It’s like a twirl is all she needs to be……

Sisters Hands

Written By: S.McNeil/E.McNeil

Sunny skies the morning rush
Arm and arm we run to the bus
Separate schools side by side
With sad eyes she waves goodbye
Recess I’m with my friends
I hear my name she’s cryin again
There she is in her pink dress
Tiny finger reaching through the fence

Sisters hands
Touching mine
Like no others can
We’ll be forever tied
Sisters hands touching mine

I need the phone she won’t get off
He might call and I like him a lot
Seems like all we do is fight
Take off my shirt I’m wearin that tonight
Madonna posters on her wall
I'm crankin' Zepplin down the hall
Before you know it’s graduation day
She’ll miss me most when I go away

10 years of marriage when he walked out that door
I never needed my sister more


Lipstick and a Laugh

Written By: McNeil/ Devencenzi/ MIller

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Picture this, you're sleepin on your parents coach
Cause your ex, got the car, the dog and the house
You're waitressin' at a dive, maxin' your credit line
Shoppin' the goodwill stores, ego's on the floor

When life gets way to serious
Whole world's gone delirious
Remember you're a girl, and just be glad
Put a pretty red shine on your mouth
Call up a friend and let it all out
There's nothin' that a girl can't get past- with Lipstick and a Laugh

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

You're in deep with your hersheys diet coke and fries
But how sweet when you've had enough and you decide
To break out that halter top, get with your girls and rock
Belt out 80's hits, with you Gwen Stefani lips, let it ripp!


We all feel sad and lonely some days
But believe me sister.......


It's All About You

Written By: S.McNeil

It’s All About You
You’re like a big tall glass of water can’t wait to get my arms around you
You- It’s all about you
I went to the fortune teller she said honey who’s that fellow,you It’s all about you
Ever since the day I saw you, I knew it'd always be about you It’s all about you

You’re my morning cup of coffeeNo need for sugar in my grande latte
You, It’s all about you
I walked into the room it lit up,everyone asks me if I’m in love
It’s you, It’s all about you
Ever since the day I saw you- I knew it’s always be about you- It's all about you
it’s all about you

Everywhere I look you’re all I see
You’re the reason that is right for me

You’re my favorite pinot noir
A sweet reseve is what you are- it’s you- it’s all about you
I stopped lookin I was through
True love exists I never knew- it’s you- it’s all about you
Ever since the day I saw you- I knew it’s always be about you
It’s all about you
It’s not in what you say
It’s in what you do
There’s no games to play
You’re my dream come true

Lost in Boston

Written By: ©McNeil/Nute

Lost in Boston

I took the 95 or 128
Which is really just route 1
Totalled my car in Southie
Big dig I didn’t see that sign
Bought a round at the littlest bar
To clear my head
Caught the tail end of the game
The sox they won again

And I’m Lost in Boston
Trying to find my way
And I’m Lost in Boston
On a one way street right where beacon meets
And I just let go and the Pru’s all aglow
I guess I’m right where I’m meant to be
I’m Lost in Boston

Oh the tunnel still leaks humidities high
But God I love this place
Dinner at 8 in the north end
I can’t find a parking space
On the way home hit paddy barry’s pub
Ok, one more drink
And the straightforwardness that the people give
Why don’t you tell me what you really think

And the pat’s took the bowl
And the bruins just scored another goal
And the Celtics in green oh yaaaah they’re gonna take 18!!!


2-Willow- It's All About You- won #10 place in the country channel of ourstage!
3-EP - Lipstick and Laughs- Nashville Singer Songwriter Tour

Set List

Set List -60 minutes, 75 percent originals
1- Lost in Boston
2-Down the Highway
3-Spring Has Come
5-Son of a Preacher Man
6-Mr Noncommittal
8-Smile of the Moon
10-Cut em Loose
11- Use Me Up