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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Stunning in a word."

Suzerain ’Apocalypse Disco’ (Jezus Factory).

Stunning in a word. This colossal five track debut EP has it all - passion, punishment, glamour and grandeur dished out with unwavering intent combining menace and majesty, like some sort of twisted throwback to the flamboyant peak of early 80‘s new romanticism, Suzerain are the dark inner half of Duran Duran’s extravagant outer skin (especially on the sets centrepiece the measured and elegant slow to unfurl widescreen ‘hostage‘). Bleeding sex and primed with a latent decadence, each cut here is a towering monument of tempestuous grace, cruelly cute and laced with a smothering stadium throb that’s drilled with a darkly set demeanour that assumes for its own the more tangible elements of the industrial scene while picking away at the fractured pop intelligence of Mansun none more so is this the case than on the sinew tightening ‘new car‘ which from out of its frenetic stutter like edginess manages to sublimely coalesce into a soaring breathlessly feel good chorus. Elsewhere opening cut ’apocalypse disco’ is deliriously decorated in all manner of 80’s electro nuances, like a rampant White Rose Movement afflicted with panic attacks this up beat crystalline babe ducks and dives amid a backdrop of razor sharp needling riffs and club floor pounding pulsating zig zagging keys - infectious - what - you’re best advised seeking jabs. Then there’s the impossibly classy and catchy strutting ’Life on Film’ of which might have slightly older readers recalling the massively undervalued Comsat Angels. ’New solution’ wraps up the set, initially sounding like a fuzzed up primal half cousin to INXS’ ‘need you tonight’ - this detached and atmospheric nugget is laden with drip fed glacial effects giving it a seriously crunchy bleached out funky locked down dirty grind that’s teased apart by swells of snaking chimes and bathed in richly vibrant hues of symphonic swathes. Go fetch now or risk shelling out stupid money on the auction sites before the months out. Joint deputy single of the missive. - General Rock Reviews

"Jezus this is exciting."

SUZERAIN- Apocalypse Disco EP

Jezus this is exciting. Suzerain, a London quintet barely two years old, have no right to sound this powerful, this professional, or quite this special. Their 'Apocalypse Disco' EP might start slow- pulsing open on a wave of organ and gloom – but it soon explodes open with some energised vocals and slicing guitar, and by the time the chorus drops everything is spiking into the red. 'New Car' and 'Hostage' keep the energy levels high, sounding like Nine Inch Nails if Trent Reznor knew how to have fun or The Killers if they stopped trying to take over the world and actually wrote some decent pop songs. 'Life On Film' might push the pop-factor too far, damn-catchy but a little too close to novelty for comfort, but the rest of the time this thing is high-charged enough to blow any indie-disco fan's head off and dangerously entertaining for just about anyone else.

If this is what the party at the end of the world is going to sound like then bring on Armageddon right now. - Moderate Rock

"Brilliant Old-School Electro-Pop"

If Julian Cope was new to the business today, he might have put together this CD. As a showcase for this bright new bands ability it works well. Like all CD's it cannot get across to the listener quite how accomplished they are live so it doesn't try. Instead, if gives you high quality production that highlights the abilities of all the band members well through the whole track listing. Live, they are sharp and rocky, and if you get the chance to see them, do so and you'll see why they were named best Alternative Act 2006 at the Virgin Indy awards. Last year they played the O2 wireless festival and were the only unsigned band to do so, which I think says a lot about their ability as artists and musicians.

For this EP release they have issues something that will be both familiar and new. Those who have been following Suzerain since before they were signed up will recognise Life on Film and New Solution as reworkings of these classic anthems. Life on Film, in particular, is a concert favourite and you'll be quickly singing along to the familiar new-romantic lyrics; "I get up/I look good/I can smile/when all I see is my life on film". No angst-ridden themes here, just a feelgood poppy tune. The intro sounds a little like you're about to get a listen to Princes 'Guitar' from the Planet Earth CD, but believe me when I tell you that Suzerain got there with the riff first.

New Solution is a brighter song than the version they play live. The huge bass, ably played by Mike Smith, is still there but it has been heavily breathed on with a lot of keyboard work from new keyboard man Matt Constantine.

The newer tracks are a revelation to older fans and highlight the fast maturing song writing of lead vocalist Tom Pether. The arrangements are varied and tightly drawn together by the production. The title track, Apocalypse Disco, is (to use a cliché) an immediate foot tapper and deserves as much radio airplay as anything out there today. It is a very cool radio song.

New Car will get people going on drive-time radio and prevent all that road rage. More tight and powerful bass, rocky guitar riffs, and Toms voice distorted to fit the tone. It works well here, and reflects what they do on stage. I can see this track going down well on the LA freeway as 'grunge-lite'.

Finally, Hostage. In my opinion the one least familiar to regular followers of Suzerain and a revelation. They can do slow numbers too! It's a mid-tempo track with a moody soaring vocal performance and a real standing-on-a-mountain-with-the-wind-in-your-hair feel which hasn't been bettered since the heyday of Ultravox way back in the day.

The Killers have shown how the British electro-band revival can be reborn with a new contemporary sound, but at the end of the day they are still only following themes started in the 1980's by British Bands. Suzerain, on the other hand have their own sound. Coupled with the clear 80's appeal they exude, it's a formula that might just kill The Killers with the right promotion. I sincerely hope they get it - Amazon UK

"Sharp Strut and a Cool Delivery"

Suzerain's "Certain Speeds" mixes a sharp strut and a cool delivery that suggests what an alternate 1985 should have been like for mainstream guitar music from the UK. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide - All Music Guide


Apocalypse Disco (EP)
Life on Film (Airplay)



SUZERAIN have been stunning crowds and winning hearts at London’s best venues for the last couple of years. Playing the O2 Wireless Festival in London's famous Hyde Park, The Clothes Show Live and also picking up the prestigious Indy Award for BEST UK ALTERNATIVE ACT. The band launched the highly anticipated 5 track EP - entitled appropriately enough: Apocalypse Disco.

Having founded an incredible and loyal fan base in London and the surrounding areas, the band look to bigger things with RADIO AIRPLAY already being generated in GERMANY, ITALY, PORTUGAL and across the world, along with UK airtime on LONDON's XFM!

This year the band HEADLINED TO OVER 2000 PEOPLE at the Angra Rock Festival in the Azores and appeared on PORTUGUESE RADIO and TV!

With debut album finished (due to be released in late ’09) with producer Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Laura Pausini, Paul McCartney) they continue to make London’s lights a little brighter as they extend their reach across Europe, the World, and into the charts...

"If this is what the party at the end of the world is going to sound like then bring on the Armageddon right now." - Moderate Rock