Suzie Plakson

Suzie Plakson


It's alternative countrified rock, sultry, sassy, lyrically clever and cool and moving Americana: new-fangled turns on some old-fashioned ideas. The focus is the rich vocals on a bed of lush, interesting arrangments by Jay Ferguson.


My dad died; he loved country music. Being a tone-deaf Jew from Philadelphia, we found this mysterious. Though I've always sung all different kinds of music (Please check out my acting career on and IMDB), I wrote him a tribute tune; meanwhile, Fate brought me into the studio of Jay Ferguson (of Spirit/JojoGunne/ThunderIsland fame), and I recorded the song in his studio. The unique magic he made of it, combined with his informing me that I was a songwriter as well as an actress and a singer led to one after the other of all nine songs on the album "DidnWannaDoIt!" Jay's the band!



Written By: Suzie Plakson


Guess I’ll never quite make a model employee,
Sometimes I wonder just what the heck’s
the matter with me
Somehow something always seems to go so wrong
Maybe you can tell me what
By the end of this song

Worked in a diner in Carolina
That’s right nothing coulda been finer
Til my breakfast shift early one grey morn
Comes in the rudest women that was everborn
Screamin’ on her cellphone,
screamin’ at her boyfriend
Screamin’ like she’s in a room all alone
I ask her real sweet to please keep it to a roar
She puts her fist in my face,
She starts givin’ me what for,
So as I’m soaking her cellphone in the stopped-up sink, I get fired, of course, and I tell you,
I think I meant to just put out my cigarette in her coffee cup, but I cleared out all the people
And I blew the place up

I didnwanna do it
….I didnwanna be a waitress anyway –
So dontcha know
I worked in this department store.
The kinda place you see your face in the floor
Big fake nails tappin’ on the glass
You know the kinda chick, lotsa money, no class
“Wake up. I need make-up, c’mon, I’m in a hurry!”
I’m at your service, Madam, now, don’t you worry.
Well, I tried real hard to make her look real fine,
But somehow she turned out lookin’ like Frankenstein, oh
She screamed bloody murder, she threatened to sue
And my boss said to me, “well, honey, that’s the end of you,”
And I just couldn’t have security walkin’ me out the door, so I cleared out all the people and I
Blew up the store

….I didn’t wanna be a sales associate anyway…

Take a right at the chorus….

Took my act out to Hollywood, cause I
Thought I could make it ‘cause I thought I was good
And I can’t put my finger on the very last straw
But that place just drove me crazy man
There oughta be a law,
I got hooked and switched and baited
Hurry-upped and waited,
Kissed and dissed and misappropriated
Ignored, bored, lunched and sucker-punched
Cheap-skated, stalemated, aggravated, de-hydrated
Manipulated, subordinated, just so humiliated,
And so frustrated it almost got me jaded but
No hard feelings just got so over feeling down, yeah –
I cleared out most of the people and I blew up the town.

I didn’t wanna be an actress any(old)way, So
Here I sit in the county jail, I’m so bored, read all my mail, it doesn’t look like I’ll ever make bail
So between you and me I might have to set sail
So if you hear how everybody gets-set-free
Right before this teensy bit of explosive activity
I’mgonna plead a pretty permanent insanity
And it might go, a little something, like this:

You’re Honor, not only don’t I look well in orange,
But this shade of orange is absolutely criminal
Furthermore, it’s been scientifically proven that
Nothing rhymes with orange, WHICH
In and of itself is enough to send any law-abiding citizen rocketing over the edge…
So, dear, sweet, cute Your Honor, as you put the period at the end of what I’m sure will be a very, very long sentence, I ask you to take into your compassionate consideration, my only relatively happy childhood, and remember :

I didnwanna do it…

..because I didnwanna lie, no wait, that’s a lie
Okay, put me away, ‘cause Your Honor
I just gotta say
I wanted to do it
I wanted to dare
I wanted to get mad
I wanted to care
I wanted to scream and yell andfor once not cry
And I didnt’ say I ‘m sorry, cause I didnwanna lie
And I didn’t leave sooner ‘casue I just didnwanna say
I didnwanna be a
Waitress or
a receptionist or
a sales associate
or a temporary legal secretary
or – AN INMATE, for sure –
or an actress, I mean, who in their right mind would want t be an actress, your Honor, which I think further proves my point, whatever it was, it’s been so very long since I”ve made it –

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, the management is aware that this is a very long, long song
And it’s all my fault, I was supposed to apply for a long song permit, but as usual, I lost the paperwork,so
Forgive me if I overstay, but if I may say,
Hey, hey, When they --

-- drive you much too crazy for much too low pay When they use abuse and bruise you every night and every day
They’re so dumb you can’t take it,
You get so mad you can’t fake it
Cause you work you heart out and they just gotta break it
when they don’t buy the alibi,
want you to just-- justify
Why why when you said bye bye
you blew their business sky high
just cry
But I --
But I --

Didnwanna do it I didnwanna dare
I didnwanna get mad I didnwanna care
Didn scream -- yell -- didnwanna cry
Didn say sorry Didnwanna lie, I
didn leave sooner ‘casue I
Just didnwanna say
I didn’t sign on to suffer FOOLS ANYWAY

…and make sure you say, So There…
because it’s just so very powerful a thing to say upon parting, speaking of which,
I think our job here is at long last finished,
And as the sun slipsssssssynchronicitously into the west or the east or wherever it actually sets,

The End Of My Day

Written By: Suzie Plakson


At the end of the day
as the world falls away
And I come home to where I’m clear and true
You shine me your smile
and we talk for a while
and we laugh at what we’ve both been through
I slide into your arms and get found in your charms
And I feel sorta shiny and new

And I know come what may
It’ll all be okay
If At The End Of My Day
there is you

Sometimes I feel so shipwrecked and torn
So sad and so wrong and so worn
Then somehow you send me and soothe me and mend me
and I thank God for the day I was born
I slide into your arms...

(repeat chorus)

So when I draw near to the end, oh my dear,
and I say good-bye to this place
I hope the last thing I ‘ll see
is you smiling at me and the love in your beautiful face
Oh, the gift I was given
Your sweet love to live in
So much warmth, so much joy, so much grace

‘Cause I know come what may
It’s all been okay
‘Cause At The End Of My Day
there was you
I’m so blessed to say
That I found my way
‘Cause At The End Of My Day
there is you

Billy Boy Blue

Written By: Suzie Plakson


I heard this story from the friend of a friend of a friend of some guy he knew
Who heard it first hand from an old blind man
Who swears that it’s all true:

Billy Boy Blue was forty two and a mean man all his life
He left eighty-six women and forty-six kids
And he beat up every wife
He lied and he cheated and he cheated and he lied
As he burned through every town
And when it came to being a devil of a man
Ol’ Billy boy stole the crown

So Billy’s walkin’ one cold late night
when right under that bright white moon
The trees start shakin’ the ground starts quakin’
Thunder cracks and pretty soon
Out of a gaping gash in the ground
Comes a woman twenty feet high
With fire in her eyes, gigantic wings
and a gown made out of sky

Children, Children, that golden rule
is the only, only, only school
I’m testifyin’ got a truth to tell
You better learn your lesson well

Billy Boy says, “My God, you’re the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen!”
And she laughed and she laughed again and says,
“That’s because I’m Queen
of This and That and That and This
and Everything In Between.”
Billy Boy says, “You’re crazy, now get the hell outa my way!”
She says, “Silly Billy Boy, now listen up;
Today’s your Judgement Day.
I’m gonna give you the rest of your life, boy --
the rest of your eighty-two years --
you’re gonna put it right with everybody you wronged.
You’re gonna mop up all those tears.
You hear? Is that clear?”

Children, Children, that Golden Rule
Is the only, only, only school
I’m testifyin’, got a truth to tell
You better learn your lesson well

Billy Boy Blue turned eighty-two
and he hadn’t done a thing
When he looks out his grimy window
and he sees just the tip of her wing,
“Aw, hell, bitch, come an’ get me -
today’s my dyin’ day...”
“You know what I’m thinkin’, Billy Boy,
I’m thinkin’ -- no way...”
and she was Gone!

Billy was ready to curse her good
when there came a knock at the door
There stood the son of his twenty-second son
with a blue steel forty-four
“I spent my whole life killin’
every jerk who even looked like you.
And every time I kill one I say,
‘God damn you, Billy Boy Blue,’
So I figured it was time I said it to your face
and signed it, “Guess Who.”

Children, Children, that Golden Rule
is the only, only, only school
and if you won’t learn your lesson well
You Make Your Own Hell

Well, well, well...
Billy Boy Blue’s a hundred forty-two
And he bleeds and he weeps and he roams
No matter what her tries
He can’t shut his eyes
And he never ever ever
ever ever ever ever
never ever gets to go Home!

So all you mean ol’ Billy Boys
Take heed now, you be warned
‘Cause hell ain’t got no fury, baby,
like a twenty foot woman scorned